Tips to Pick The Perfect Food for Your Pet


Now that we've been successful with transitioning LouLou to Petcurean we decided to try one of the other recipes – lamb meal!  She's loving it and we've noticed her coat is becoming softer and she has less dander which is great for my allergies.  I have to say the Petcurean company greatly impresses me their passion and love for animals really shines in the products they create not to mention they're Canadian!!

Go Daily Defence Lamb

 The team at Petcurean are true epicureans who put the same love and care into creating meals for pets as they do preparing dinner for their own families, because they are pet owners too.


When I shared tips to transition to a new pet food I also explained what food we chose the GO! recipe because it provides a complete, nutrient-packed food that puts more “life” into everyday dogs and cats.  The best part is the line includes whole grain and grain free recipes, contains zero growth hormones, by-products or artificial preservatives. There are three GO! DAILY DEFENCE™ dry recipes:

  • GO! DAILY DEFENCE™ Lamb Meal Recipe (canine) with lamb as a single protein source, pre and probiotics to aid digestive health, antioxidants to support increased immunity and omega oils for healthy skin and coat – NEW
  • GO! DAILY DEFENCE™ Chicken Recipe (canine)
  • GO! DAILY DEFENCE™ Chicken Recipe (feline)


Tips to Pick The Perfect Food for Your Pet

Deciding to switch the the lamb meal recipe was as simple decision for us with huge benefits!  A few tips I want to share with you to help pick the perfect food for your pet are:

  1. What is your pets activity level and weight?  Life stages have a big factor in choosing the right food.
  2. Look at the ingredients.  This is obvious for the food we purchase and consume but it should be for your pet too.
  3. Look for the extras.  Does your pet experience joint problems or need tartar control?
  4. Determine the protein source in the food.  Does your pet have a food intolerance?
  5. Don't shop by price alone.  Consider the ingredients, portions and quality of the food too.


Need more tips or help selecting the perfect food?  The food selector tool at Petcurean.

Just like humans our furry loved ones need proper nutrition and can have sensitivities.  I can't believe that making a simple change to a new recipe improved LouLou's coat so quickly.  Switching things up isn't always a bad thing we like to try new recipes all the time too right!



  1. I am visually impaired and use a service dog. She experienced some symptoms common to grain sensitivity, and others that were just off the charts. My vet suggested a food switch if the symptoms persisted, so I switched to petcurean’s Go! Fit + Free chicken, and the restults were almost instant. She did so well on it that we switched our cats to their Go! Feline chicken, turkey, duck formula. From the first day we switched the cats, even the gradual switch, the change was pronounced. For a year, our “boss cat” hadn’t come up and snuggled with us since we brought the dog home; from day 1 on petcurean, she came up and snuggled almost every night… and the change is permanent! We have our sweet, social healthy cats back!

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