Tips to Keep Your Family Cool and Comfortable This Summer


One of the major drawbacks to having a comfortable life with your family is the tendency of the house to trap heat during summer making it feel like an oven. According to the US Department of Energy, temperatures during summer can be more than 50 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the surrounding air temperature. Unfortunately, many people cannot bear this block of heat. Luckily, you can protect yourself and the whole family from the heat by learning these simple tricks.

Tips to Keep Your Family Cool and Comfortable This Summer

Turn off Appliances You Don’t Need

Appliances can make the heat in the house much worse especially during the hottest part of the day. Make sure you turn off the ones you are not using. Ensure you avoid heat- generating appliances such as ovens, washers and dryers during this time and seek for alternatives. You can utilize the heat outside to dry the clothes instead of using a dryer.

Make Use of the Fans and Other Common Cooling Systems

Fire up the fans in the house during summer to enhance comfort. Place the portable fans strategically in open windows to help move cool air during the night. Get a bowl of ice water in front of the fan during the hottest time of the day to make the place cooler. Ensure the ceiling fans are properly placed and working effectively. Alternatively, you can avail a whole house fan which expels hot air in the house through the roof vents and the windows.

Block the Sun

You need to make some changes to the setup of the house to achieve this. Line the drapes with a bright fabric that can reflect light. Close them in case the room gets too hot. Install awnings on the windows to reduce the rate at which the house gains heat. According to the US department of energy, installing awnings on south and west facing windows reduce heat gain in the house by 77%. Adding shutters or an awning to your windows can make for a cool and comfortable home. Shutters also protect the home from every bad weather.

Plant Tress around the Homestead

Even though it is a long time project, it is quite helpful when it comes to home comfort for the whole family. Trees act as a shade for the home by preventing heat energy from infiltrating into the house through the roof and the windows. Deciduous trees are the best because they leaf out in summer and drop their leaves in winter. They also form a thick canopy during summer making them a perfect choice for a cool home.

The family’s comfort and, in some cases, health is very important in every setup. If you follow these simple and cheap tips, you will make a short term and long term impact in enhancing the comfort of your family until the summer ends.


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