Tips for Your First Family Skiing Holiday


Cultivating an interest in sports and physical activities often begins at a young age, and with winter sport activities like skiing it can be better to start early. After all, skiing as a sport is simple enough when it comes to picking up the basics, but mastering the skill requires a lot of practice. However, if you’re planning on taking your kids away for their first skiing holiday this year then you need to make sure you plan things correctly and are prepared so that you and your family get the most out of the trip. Here’s some handy advice to help you make your first skiing holiday with the kids a success.

Tips for Your First Family Skiing Holiday

Take them to a Dry Slope First

Skiing doesn’t have to be a high risk activity, but it’s also very likely that a first-timer will take a few spills on the slope before they really get the hang of things. Making sure that your children have a good teacher, whether it’s yourself or a paid instructor, is the best thing you can do for your kids before taking them to a proper snow-covered slope.

A dry slope can help your kids to develop their confidence and become familiar with the equipment beforehand, so it’s definitely worth considering before you start making any plans.

Find a Child-Friendly Resort

There are all kinds of different skiing resorts out there, and a lot of them offer socialising activities that are clearly meant for adults, such as drinking and night skiing. So, if you want a great family skiing holiday then you’ll need to find a resort that offers childcare facilities and plenty of non-skiing activities that will keep them entertained and happy.

Child-friendly resorts will also provide more suitable slopes for beginners, along with opportunities for proper instruction and practice. If you need childcare as well, make sure to find a resort or chalet that offers crèche and nursery services. Companies like Iglu Ski provide you with a variety of packages that are suitable for families, helping you to make the best choice for you and the kids.

Make Sure the Kids Are Protected

Visiting cold climbs can be tough on babies, toddlers and young children, so it’s important that you make sure your kids are well protected against the elements. Plenty of sunscreen is vital to keep your children from getting sunburn, and it’s also crucial that you get them kitted out with warm and well-fitting ski clothes and boots for maximum comfort and protection.

Kids also don’t have the resilience that adults do, and a highly physical activity like skiing can take it out of even the most experienced enthusiast. If your kids get tired or fed up, then don’t make them keep going until they’re exhausted. After all, the family skiing trip needs to be fun for everyone.

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