Tips for Improving Your Sex Life in 2016


Instead of the usual new year’s resolutions, like eating better and doing more exercise, why not focus your efforts on improving your sex life in 2016? To help you along the way, here are some simple but effective tips that could help you get more pleasure between the sheets.

Tips for improving your sex life in 2016

Address any problems

A whole range of physical issues can get in the way of a good sex life. In men, difficulties like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can impact on intimacy, while in women problems such as pain during intercourse or a lack of arousal can interfere with sex. If you experience any complications like these, don’t simply ignore them and hope they will go away. There are a now a range of treatments on offer and by speaking to your doctor or doing some research online, you should be able to discover the cause of your issues and take effective action to tackle them. You might find that you need to treat underlying health conditions, or you may benefit from taking advantage of talking therapies. Targeted treatments are also available. For example, it’s now possible to access prescription erectile dysfunction medicines online and from doctors.

Arrange date nights

Especially if you’re busy, you might find that you and your partner barely spend any quality time together. As well as being bad for your relationship as a whole, this can spell disaster for your sex life. So, it’s worth setting aside some time each week to go on special date nights with your other half. Whether you enjoy a candlelit meal, take a trip to the cinema or simply have a drink in your local bar, these evenings can help to get you in the mood.

Focus more on foreplay

Rather than rushing into sex, it’s worth paying extra attention to foreplay. By preparing your bodies for what’s to happen next, this should help to make sex more gratifying for both of you. You could give each other sensual massages, and try putting on some music and lowering the lighting to create the perfect ambience. So that you’re not too tired for this, consider changing your bedtime routine so that you head to bed a little earlier.

Share your fantasies

It’s easy for sex to become stale, especially if you have been with you partner for a long time. To rekindle the spark, try sharing your fantasies with each other. At first, you might be embarrassed to open up to your other half about your desires, but you’ll soon lose your inhibitions. You could try new positions and locations, and introduce toys to mix things up. For inspiration, take a look at some self-help sex books.

Testing out some of these tips could help you to jumpstart your sex life this new year, and it may help to strengthen your bond with your partner too.


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