Tips for Fighting Off Cancer


When we hear the word ‘cancer,’ we often think of survivors or those in our lives that cancer has touched. However, we rarely think of ourselves. Even though cancer is the second biggest killer in the United States, we often don’t want to believe that we could experience such an illness.

Accepting that cancer could happen to you, doesn’t mean that you need to live your life in fear. It means that you can choose to be proactive and live a healthy life that will not only keep you strong, but will also help you prevent cancer from ever entering your life. Preventing cancer doesn’t require any extremes either.

Consider Your Meals

There is no discovered miracle food for wholly preventing or fighting cancer. However, eating a clean and nutrient rich diet can definitely help you prevent developing cancer and maintaining the health needed to fight cancer. Eating right keeps you fit and boosts your immune system.

To maintain your vitality, eat a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables, keep grains to the whole grain types, and eat only lean meats. Eating fruits high in antioxidants, such as cranberries and cherries, and eating cruciferous and dark leafy green vegetables, such as broccoli and kale, are food items high in nutrients that you should definitely incorporate more into your diet.

Get in the Gym

Because obesity and excess body fat are associated with certain cancers, you should make a gym routine part of your daily lifestyle. Spending thirty minutes a day being active can keep you trim and help you fight off cancer, as well as other diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Not to mention, regular activity keeps you strong. The stronger you are, the greater likelihood that you will have the strength to fight off cancer should you ever be diagnosed.

Think Cellular

While diet and exercise can reduce the likelihood of having cancer, they can’t change our genetics. A BRAF mutation or KRAS mutation can result in several types of cancer, and these mutations can go undetected unless they are tested for. Most cancers become fatal when they are detected in the later stages or do not receive the right type of treatment.

In addition to regular exams, such as clinical breast exams or colonoscopies, individuals should also consider having a KRAS or BRAF mutation test. These exams are noninvasive, typically just requiring a urine sample, and can provide you with the knowledge necessary

Minimize Sun Exposure

Everyone likes a good day in the sun, and as a culture, we have a tendency to think about a good tan before our longterm health. However, limiting your sun exposure now could prevent you from having cancer later in life. Skin cancer can make any tan ugly, and the skin cancer Melanoma can be downright lethal. To fight off skin cancer, put on that sunblock, wear a hat, and even consider a light sun shirt. Don’t forget your sunglasses either.

Quit Those Bad Habits

Smoking is well known for increasing the risks of several types of cancer, including lung cancer, oral cancers, and even lymphoma. However, putting out your own cigarette isn’t enough to avoid the damaging side effects. If you are regularly exposed to cigarette or cigar smoke, your risk of developing certain types of cancer increases as well. To limit your exposure, don’t smoke and stay away from those who do, as well as places that allow smoking indoors.

Don’t wait until cancer is a part of your life to do something about it. Keep yourself healthy and fit, not just to keep cancer away, but to also have the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

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