Time Flies When You Have A Three Year Old


So today marks the third birthday of my little man Dustin!!  I can't believe that he is three already, time seriously flies by when you least expect it.  So I've made a promise to myself today to treasure the simple moments.

I forget how fast kids grow up and become individuals with their own little personalities.  I honestly love that part when they are more independent and can do things for themselves.  I am not the kind of Mom who likes babies, I prefer when kids can do things for themselves and I honestly look forward to dealing with teenagers.  I may change my mind when they are that old but I don't like clingy and I never have so when someone depends on me I can't handle it, even if it is my own child.

Treasuring the simple moments might sound easy but it really is a challenge especially on the sleepless nights and low patience days.  I am trying my best to be a fun Mom who can live in the moment.  Trust me it is going to take A LOT of work to get there but I know I can do it.

Here is to living each day one moment at a time and enjoying the simple things!

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