The Top Ten Best Family Friendly Movies of 2015


The Top Ten Best Family Friendly Movies of 2015

It may only be July, but there have already been a lot of great family-friendly movie choices in 2015. This is more important than ever in a time when movies continue to get more violent. These are the 10 best family-friendly movies released in 2015.

Inside Out

“Inside Out” is an extremely inventive film from Pixar that follows the emotions living inside a small girl's mind. “Inside Out” lets children know that felling emotion is normal in a funny story that will entertain the whole family.


The classic fairy tale is retold using live action. “Cinderella” does not veer from the original story, but that is exactly what makes it so great.


Everyone fell in love with the minions in “Despicable Me,” and they are finally given their own movie. Anyone that loves the characters will certainly love the film “Minions.”


“Home” features a heartwarming story about an alien and a young girl becoming friends. “Home” is beautifully animated, and features a strong message about acceptance that every child should hear.


The popular book character comes to life in “Paddington.” This is a funny and charming adventure film the whole family can enjoy.


“Max” details the bond of a young boy and his brother's military dog. “Max” is one of the rare films that will make you laugh and cry while you sit on the edge of your seat.

Strange Magic

“Strange Magic” is a fairy tale musical that continues to get better with multiple viewings. Getting “Strange Magic” from a company like Pristine Sales is a great way to watch a family musical together and perhaps even sing along.


There are not too many science fiction mysteries made for the whole family, but that is exactly what “Tomorrowland” delivers. If you are looking for a truly original family-friendly film, then you can't go wrong with “Tomorrowland.”

McFarland, USA

“McFarland, USA” tells the true story of a 1987 cross country team made up entirely of poor Mexican-Americans. The inspirational message delivered in the film makes it a great choice to watch with the whole family.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

SpongeBob proves he is one of the few cartoon characters that can remain enjoyable for an entire film. If you love the television show, then you will certainly enjoy “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water.”

Watching a great movie is a great way to bring the entire family closer together. It can occasionally be difficult to find something everyone enjoys, but you certainly can't go wrong with these 10 movies.

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