The Minimalist Guide To SR 22 Insurance


Do you feel as if your young adult child has messed up in such a big way that you have lost all trust in him or her? Perhaps, he or she has wrecked the car you bought them, and then been sent to court for drinking and driving, as well as for failing to renew their car insurance. When you think back on their teenage years and all the expenses you went through to train them how to responsibly operate a motor vehicle, you feel disappointed, embarrassed, and hurt.

You’re now wondering what it means that a traffic court judge ordered them to get SR-22 insurance and you’re trying to figure out what it has to do with car insurance. If you’re not familiar with the term, you are like most drivers. The only time people actually hear about SR 22 insurance is when they are notified by the state that they need to carry it.

What is SR-22 Insurance?

In the strict sense of the term, this is not insurance at all. SR-22 insurance is a form that a car insurance company files with the DMV to certify that their client now has auto insurance through them.

The legal reasons your adult child may have to get SR-22 insurance is because they have done one of the following things:

·  They have failed to prove that they have proof of car insurance.

·  They have got into a car accident during the time they were uninsured.

·  They have been convicted of driving without car insurance.

·  They have been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI).

·  They have been involved in a number of traffic violations within a short period of time. For instance, they may have got a number of speeding tickets within a few months.

There are a few other reasons why someone may need to get SR-22 insurance, but these are the main ones.

A State-Mandated Certification

Essentially, then, the state has decided that your adult child needs to be supervised to make sure that they get insurance coverage. They are letting him or her continue to drive because the SR-22 insurance assures them that they have purchased car insurance.

Once a judge decides that someone needs to get SR-22 insurance, the person needs to inform their insurance agency to file for one on their behalf. If their insurance agency does not insure drivers who need SR-22 insurance, then the person has got to find another car insurance company who is willing to insure them.

SR-22 insurance Costs

The application for SR-22 insurance is filed electronically. There is a small filing fee that ranges from $15 to $25. Although this is not a significant amount in itself, the real expenses occur because car insurance rates will go up as the insurer is now taking a larger risk. If the SR-22 is related to a DUI, then the rates will go up quite a bit as all alcohol-related driving offenses are seen as a major offense. It should come as no surprise that an insurance rate may in fact double. At this time, it may be necessary to get SR22 insurance quotes from another company to find a more affordable rate with the right coverage.

SR-22 Insurance Terms and Conditions

Once your adult child has SR-22 insurance, they must carry the certificate with them whenever they drive. Their driving record will carry a notation to inform the traffic police to ask for it.

Although the length of time it is necessary to carry SR-22 insurance may vary from one state to the next, the usual period is about 3 years. Even if you move to another state that doesn’t require SR-22 insurance, you have to respect the laws of the state that first issued it.

If at any time, your child does not renew their car insurance, the insurance company sends out an SR-26, which is a cancellation. They also notify the DMV that the car insurance was not renewed. Once the state receives this notice of cancellation, they may take away all driving privileges.

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  1. So, from what I understand here, SR-22 insurance is really just for the people that have been caught driving without insurance, or driving dangerously, in the past. It makes sense that something like that would end up costing more than typical insurance would. You can’t expect the insurance company to give you a break if you have a record that shows you aren’t too responsible with driving.

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