The Five Winter Outdoor Sports Injuries You Might Want to Avoid


If you want your family to stay active in the cold winter months, and top up their Vitamin D reserves by taking part in an outdoor activity, you might want to take some precautions to avoid injuries. Below you will find a few tips on how to keep yourself and the kids safe when enjoying the winter sunshine and exercising in the snow or on ice.

1 – Skiing

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In 2015, in the United States alone, snow skiing resulted in 88,000 injuries. Many people want to save money and don’t bother with an induction course. While we all want to think that our kids are smart enough to pick up the rhythm of skiing and are sensible enough to stay safe, it is easy to get into trouble on the slopes. Make sure that you talk to an instructor, and start with beginner courses. Get a professional to pick and adjust your kids’ ski, and make sure you stay together all the time.

2 – Sledding

We all have winter memories about sledding with other kids, and hitting the tree, or ending up upside down. When the snow is thick, you might get away with falling, but if you hit a hard object, you can end up in hospital. Kids often go out on the sledge without supervision, and you might think that it is safe, as you used to do it and survived without injuries. Check out the slope and get your kids to dress in layers for protection.

3 – Ice Skating

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Ice skating is a fun sport, and requires a lot of skills. Apart from falls, you or your kids might suffer from injuries caused by bumping into each other. You need to provide them with adequate protection, and when you visit the ice rink, ask for an induction. Avoid the rink when it is crowded, or there are large groups of people. When going on the frozen lake, check the weather forecast first, and look out for signs of thin ice.

4 – Hockey

The most common injury playing hockey is concussions. You need to make sure that you use professional, high quality protective equipment, or you will have to rush to the accident and emergency unit. Teach your kids how not to lead with their head, and wear masks all the time, even if they only go for a 5-minute practice.

5 – Snowboarding

When going on a winter trip and trying snowboarding the first time, you will have to undergo a safety induction. If the sports club doesn’t offer this, and you end up with injuries, or someone else bumps into you, you can seek help with personal damage from a legal expert. As the company failed to protect you, a compensation is likely to be paid for the accident.


Whether you are a worry mom or would like your kids to enjoy the great outdoors in the winter, you must make sure that they know about the safety precautions, and you do everything you can to keep them safe. Get professional coaches to introduce your family to winter sports, to reduce the risk of injuries.

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  1. I wish it snowed here because I’ve always wanted to go sledding. I don’t have to worry about the rest since I don’t plan on doing them, but I will keep this in mind.

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