The Essential Guide To Training A New Puppy


When I first got my dog, it was a bit of a learning curve. Of course, any pet takes a lot of work, but puppies have bags full of energy, and so you need to try extra hard with them. It is important that you train your dog while it is still a puppy so that it grows into a friendly dog. If you never try to teach your pet anything, it will not understand that there are rules in the house. If you are about to get a little puppy for your home, read this guide to help you train it.

The Essential Guide To Training A New Puppy

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Make sure your dog is comfortable

When you bring a puppy into a new home, it will be shy for a while. Remember, this experience is new to your pet, and so it is likely a little afraid. You need to make sure that you create a comfortable spot where your dog can rest at night. Dogs need privacy in a household, and so you need to make them a bed where they can sleep.


Assert your authority

Dogs respond to power. It is that simple. In a pack environment, the strongest member of the group would be the leader. You need to show your puppy that you are that leader. If you let your pet get away with anything it wants, you will find that it thinks it is top dog. When your puppy things it is in charge, you will struggle to get any level of control. You need to show your dog that what you say goes. If you don't assert some authority, your dog will misbehave all the time.


Nip biting in the bud

When you first get a puppy, it will try to bite you. Don't worry, it is only acting on its natural instincts. The key here is to nip the biting in the bud sooner rather than later. Be firm with your dog and tell it “no” when it tries to bite you. If your pet won't stop biting, send it to the naughty corner for a while. Dogs adore social interaction, and so hate it when you exclude them from the family. Your pup will soon learn that biting is unacceptable.


Teach your dog to play with toys

You should not let your dog play with your hands when it is young. If you start messing with your puppy, you will teach it that you are a plaything. Instead, make sure that you get loads of rubber toys for your pet to bite and chew. That way, you can make sure that your dog learns the difference between playing with toys and playing with you. You can get loads of rubber toys online so you ought to buy a few before you bring your dog home.


Reward puppies for good behavior

You need to make sure that you reward your puppy when it does something good. If you ignore your pet's behavior, it will think that it doesn't matter how it acts around you. You should get a few tasty treats for your dog so that you have a way to reward it. When your dog does something well, such as sitting and waiting, you should give it a little snack. You should give your pet some fuss as well because small puppies tend to love that type of affection. When you reward your pet, that reinforces the idea that it should behave itself. Over time, your dog will learn to do what you say.


Make sure your dog is happy

If your puppy is always naughty, there might be an underlying reason for that. You should make sure that your dog is happy, or it might play up for your attention. For example, if your dog has fleas, you need to use Frontline for dogs to get rid of them. When animals are not comfortable (because little bugs keep biting them), they will play up. You need to check whether your dog has anything wrong with it before you do anything else. If the naughty behavior continues, you should take it to the vet and see whether something is wrong.


Never shout at your puppy

Sometimes, you will want to yell and scream at your pet. If your dog does something naughty, such as urinating on the carpet, you might be super angry. Now, you need to fight your instincts and avoid screaming at your dog. If you start shouting at your puppy, it will be afraid of you. There is a difference between being assertive and being aggressive. When your dog begins to fear you, it will start to become defensive. That means that your pet might bite you or growl at you. Rather than shouting at your dog, you should use a firm tone and tell it what it has done wrong.


Be gentle with your dog

Your puppy learns from you, and so you need to be careful what you teach it. If you play rough with your dog, it will learn to do the same. That might be okay for you, but what if there are children in the house? You need to make sure that your dog is friendly, and that means that you should be friendly towards it. If you show your puppy how to be gentle with you and your kids, you will have no issues. Many people worry about having a puppy when they have children, but I have never had any problems with that. If you treat your dog well, it will be a lovely member of the family.

Remember, getting a dog is a massive commitment. You will need to do everything you can to prepare your home for your new arrival. You should never rush into this decision before you are ready. Having an extra animal in the home affects the entire family, and so you need to chat with everybody before you get one. If you work hard to look after your dog, though, you will find that it is an absolute pleasure to have!

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