The Careers That Moms Will Excel At Thanks To Their Kids


Let’s face it, when you have children many moms feel that going back to work isn’t an option and there are many that think the opposite. Working and having a family is something that can be done together, and sometimes people feel that they have to sacrifice one or the other. Whatever choice you make I am sure it is the right one, but while having children is a blessing, did you ever stop and think about the career options you could have now, based on the new skills you have learned and the experiences you have had thanks to the kids? I thought I would share with you some of the career options that could be a big possibility for you thanks to what you have learnt or experienced since having children.

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A job in law enforcement

Ever wanted to catch the bad guy or find out who had done it? Now that you have children you may have realised that your skills in finding things out, knowing who is telling lies and the truth, as well as finding evidence of such wrongdoing in the home (drawn walls anyone) could now be hugely beneficial in a role in law enforcement. Of course, it goes without saying that if this was a serious consideration then things like an online criminal justice degree could be the answer. But the skills you have already learned by cracking cases at home could serve you well in the process.

Working any sort of night shift

Let’s be honest here, if there was any job that involved working nights, a mom would have it down, don’t you agree? Those early newborn days leaves you starved of sleep, and it is surprising how well a mom can function on little or no sleep whatsoever. Things still get done, everyone is still cared for, and well, we all deserve a medal for those newborn days. I believe that the skill of learning how to cope with sleep deprivation would make moms ideal candidates for any sort fo work that involves being up at night.

A professional wine and/or gin taster

This one is perhaps one of those jobs that could be a bit more of a dream than an actual reality, although let's face it, there are people who have to do it, so you never know. But I think moms would make great wine and/or gin tasters. Not all moms enjoy an alcoholic beverage, so this isn’t a generalisation, but there are many moms out there who get to the end of the day and think a nice glass of wine or a gin is well deserved and why not? So it could definitely be on the cards.

A career in healthcare

Finally, as a mom, naturally you have this ability to be maternal and care for others, and so a career in healthcare could definitely be on the cards if you wanted to branch out and do something different. This could mean training as a nurse, becoming a midwife and helping other new moms, or even things like caring for the elderly in their homes or in a specific care home facility.

I hope that this has given you a bit of inspiration as to new career possibilities to consider.

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