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Easter holidays are coming up fast this year. For most families, this means two weeks of children off school, and a big family get together. It also means more chocolate than you can imagine and children bouncing off walls like there is no tomorrow. Some of you will be packing off and heading on your first holiday of the year! Lucky things.

For many, Easter is a fabulous celebration and an important religious event. Something that brings people together to celebrate Jesus. However, with our cities being far more culturally diverse, not everyone chooses to celebrate the religious reasons behind Easter. Instead, it is a time to enjoy the new season and to celebrate new life and to come together as a family. You don’t have to be a christian or catholic to believe in the beauty of regeneration. You can just celebrate the flowers coming up again!

This Easter, you could do something different. Especially if you have children and you know, they are going to have a belly full of chocolate. One way of avoiding this is to allow other family members to buy the chocolate treats and for you to do something a little more special. Perhaps for young children, you could buy them a toy or a DVD, something more akin to the traditional Christmas or Birthday present. If you have teenagers then maybe some new trainers or you could check out elf925 overstock jewellery warehouse and pick up a good value, lovely necklace for your daughter. Go alternative on the gifts and make it a little more personal (and a little less sugary!)

When it comes to the weekend itself, you can be certain that most houses will be full of family members and there will be more legs of lamb in ovens than across the whole rest of the year. It is a day to eat and to stay nearby. Unless, of course, you would rather get out and make the most of the people being away!

The Easter weekend could be a good time to get into London and enjoy the tourist attractions. Usually, these are full of children and families, however, over the religious break, you might find the queues are a little shorter, and the prices for travel might even be a little lower. You will need to do some research as some places won’t open at all. However, a majority will. You know what the world is like now? It never stops spinning!

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Easter should be a time to get yourself ready for the warmer weather. Shake off the shackles of winter and start living again. In the UK we have just had our clocks go forward, our evenings are so much lighter, and as such, there is far more time in the day. So make the most of it over the two-week break and have a little fun.

Avoid the chocolate a little bit, but don’t avoid it all together. Get out there and get hunting for the Easter Bunny too!

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