The All New Build-A-Bear Honey Girls


Meet the brand new Build-A-Bear Honey GirlsTeegan, Risa and Viv!

They met at school and formed their own band. Music brought the Honey Girls together, but their friendship keeps them together.  This product line was designed to encourage children to find their passions and overcome obstacles by instilling a sense of confidence and inspiring self-expression.

The All New Build-A-Bear Honey Girls

The new Build-A-Bear Workshop that includes the Honey Girls is making an impact in our house as Cheyenne heads to middle school!  What better way to teach her to live her dreams and believe in anything she wants to be or do!

The All New Build-A-Bear Honey Girls Motto

They each have their own strengths and talents that help the friends “be brighter together.”

  • Teegan is the fearless and bold lead singer.  Press the microphone to listen to her sing.
  • Risa is the guitarist, and she is all about music and being creative.  The guitar plays its own tune!
  • Viv is the drummer, who’s not only a great friend but also a talented inventor.  Who doesn't love a little drum beat!

Honey Girls Group Shot

In the Build-A-Bear Workshop you can customize the Honey Girls character with a special plush star that represents a positive, aspirational trait that complements the Honey Girls empowerment theme

  • The stars, each a different color, include the traits creative, confident, talented, smart, fearless and strong.
  • The stars allow children to further personalize their Honey Girls, making the connection with their new friend even more special.
  • Each Honey Girls character comes with one plush star to stuff inside during Build-A-Bear’s signature heart ceremony. However, guests can purchase as many additional stars as they want.

You can learn more about the Honey Girls by interacting with them and following their journey as a band through their exclusive, interactive Honey Girls Studio App.

The app will be available for download in iTunes and Google Play in July!

Through the Honey Girls Studio App, children will also have access to biographies, music videos, a music video maker and selfie activity, as well as memory games and the ability to unlock special features.  The Honey Girls have many lessons to teach as your child grows with them!

I can't wait to surprise Cheyenne when she gets home this weekend!  What a fun way to celebrate her transition into middle school.

Honey Girls Box

Each bear retails at $30, outfits and accessories sold separately.   A neat feature is their box converts into a stage so the Honey Girls performances can come to life at home!  I'm sure my weekend will be full of performances!  Be sure to follow @BuildABear on social media to see what's new!

What is one lesson you want you daughter to learn this summer about friendship?

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