The 5 Best Parenting Tips When Teaching Your Teen How to Drive


The 5 Best Parenting Tips When Teaching Your Teen How to Drive

Prepare for Teaching a Teenager How to Drive

When your child becomes a teenager, they are definitely excited about learning to drive a vehicle. Many parents are their child’s primary driving instructor to learn this important life skill. Before allowing your teenager to get behind the steering wheel, there are a few things a parent must do to make learning how to drive easier and safer.

Get Your State’s Driving Manual

Every state has a specialized website concerning driving regulations for its residents. By visiting the website, a parent can learn how to get the state’s driving manual for their child. A state may require citizens to print the manual themselves or offer a preprinted copy in the mail or at a nearby driving testing center.

Call Your Vehicle Insurance Agent

Call your vehicle insurance agent to determine if additional coverage is required for a teenage child who is learning how to drive. An insurance agent will verify that a teenager has a learner’s permit along with providing information about additional charges for coverage. In many cases, it is less expensive for your teenager to learn on a family’s older vehicle than a newer model.

Have a Mechanic Inspect Your Vehicle

Before allowing your teenager to begin practice driving, have the vehicle checked by a mechanic. While an experienced driver understands what to do if brakes feel odd while stopping, a new driver will not notice anything strange. A mechanic may find a few details that require small repairs that make it less stressful for your child to learn how to drive.

Find a Safe Place to Practice

You need to find a safe place for a teenager to practice driving to avoid an accident on a busy highway. A quiet country road or deserted parking lot makes a good choice for the first few lessons. While a teenager eventually needs to learn how to drive in a rainstorm or on an icy street, the earliest driving lesions from a parent should be on a clear and sunny day.

Enroll Your Teen in a Driving School

Professional driving schools are an excellent choice for parents who do not feel comfortable teaching their teenager how to drive. In large and highly populated cities, a driving school might offer the only place where there are wide open spaces for a teenager to learn how to maneuver a vehicle safely (Source: North Shore Driving School Ltd.). Parents can contact driving schools to find out the cost of lessons for a new driver.

Plan to Have Many Driving Lessons with Your Child

Schedule driving lessons with your son or daughter when they are alert and traffic is light. Spread the lessons out over several weeks or months to learn a variety of skills, including driving in inclement weather and at night. In addition to actually learning how to drive a vehicle, your child must remember the information in your state’s driving manual to get a driver’s license.



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