Thanksgiving Essentials from Hips and Curves: You’ll Want to “Gobble” These Styles Up!


If you're like me once the holiday season starts you stop thinking about yourself and focus on the company, food and seasonal efforts.  Where do you fit in the me time?  I like to indulge in a little luxury and luckily Hips and Curves knows how to do that!

These fabulous fall pieces will help keep you comfy and snug so you can be ready and relaxed for the holiday season!

Super Soft and Comfy Pajama Pants

Short Sleeve Nightshirt

Soft & Comfy Tank Dress with Lace Back

Soft & Comfy Robe

Super Soft and Comfy Halter Chemise

How do you pamper yourself during the holiday season?  I know that a few of these pieces are at the top of my list!

How do you fit in me time during the holidays?

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