Teen Driving Tips to Keep New Drivers Safe


The privilege of driving represents a rite of passage for many teenagers. Driving is an opportunity to show your parents and peers that you are mature. Operating a motor vehicle has its freedoms, but with those freedoms comes tremendous responsibility. One important responsibility is maintaining safe driving habits on the road.

Teen Driving Tips to Keep New Drivers Safe

Safety First

You must be aware of the surroundings around your car as you approach it. Look inside the car before you unlock the doors to make sure nothing appears out of place. The actions you take when you get out of your car are just as important. Do not leave valuable belongings in plain sight for potential thieves.

It is best practice to lock your doors immediately once you are in the car. Clicking your seat belt into place is important to further insure your safety on the road. It is also important that your windshield is clear of debris and that your rear view and side mirrors are appropriately adjusted. Sharing a car with other people could likely result in the mirrors being adjusted to accommodate their size and height. One the most significant elements of maintaining safety while driving is to avoid texting or talking on your cell phone. This is to ensure that you remain safe and the safety of other drivers is also intact.

Stay Alert

It is important to stay alert for yourself and others. Always look ahead up the road to assess a situation so that you can act appropriately. This will give you an advanced opportunity to make a mature decision to either slow down or change to a different lane. Driving through a neighborhood requires caution and slow speed. This is important in the event that children or objects suddenly appear from between parked cars. Careful driving also can help you to avoid potholes in the road. Doing this will prevent you from being hurt or your car being damaged.

Road Courtesy

Road rage occurs often and it is easy to become upset when someone cuts in front of you unexpectedly. The resulting frustration is common among new drivers and veteran drivers. Stay calm and level headed. You will often experience other drivers turning on their signal light to get in front of you in traffic. Be courteous and allow them to move in front of you if you are able to. Remember you will need that same favor returned soon. Don't drive too closely behind someone's bumper. Professionals, like those at Scherline and Associates, know that this is especially true when sharing the road with motorcycles. This can make the other driver very stressed and uncomfortable. Avoid racing against another car on the streets or the freeway. There are other drivers to consider and there are places designated for that activity such as a motor speedway for professional NASCAR racers.

Safety is important when you operate a car. This is a shared responsibility between all drivers. Continue to do your part by following the above practices to ensure your safety and the safety of other drivers.

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  1. That makes sense to clear the windshield of debris. You need an unencumbered view to be safe. I’m thinking about getting lessons for my daughter so that she can be aware of all the little nuances of driving like that.

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