Teen Drivers: How to Help Your Kids Buy a Car on a Limited Budget


Thousands of parents face this dilemma all the time. Helping their teen driver to buy a suitable vehicle on a limited budget. Of course, parents advise their teen to realize that they are not going to be able to afford the more high-powered luxury or sports vehicles. Therefore, they should make a list of the cars that are within their budget. However, the cost easily goes over budget, once the teen adds a few extras and realizes that they require serious financial help to afford their car.


The first step in the entire process is to research a wide variety of car models to get the feel for the car and which one is suitable for their needs. This should include taking the vehicle out on the open road for a spin. Next, it's time to have a serious talk with parents that focuses on the exact budget. For example, if the teen's budget is less than a certain amount, they realize that limits their choices and narrows down the field quite a bit.


The next course of action is to negotiate a reasonable price with the car dealer or the help of AutoStart. The fact is that the car dealer is interested in making as much money on the deal as possible. Therefore, they might try to sell the teen a bit more car than they can afford. Therefore, it is wise for the teen to keep their budget limit in mind, during the negotiation phase. Negotiate down to a price that includes affordable monthly installment plans. However, there is guided professional help available.

The Cost to Own a Vehicle

It's interesting to note that the eager teen might jump right into the fire and purchase a vehicle without realizing they are actually over budget. Why? Well, there is more to owning a car than the monthly installment fees. Certainly, the price of ownership includes the monthly installment fees, fuel, insurance, and other related fees. Those extra fees might extend their budget considerably. Therefore, all those extra fees and cost should be calculated into the budget before the decision-making process is completed. This is certainly true for buying or leasing a vehicle.

Of course, the parents should help guide the teen to staying within their budget. Keep the budget in mind during all phases of research to negotiating an affordable price. This is the key to making the perfect deal.

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