Task Thursday – Motivation


Last task Thursday we dealt with procrastination this week is all about MOTIVATION!!  Now that we have stopped procrastinating and  started moving forward towards our goals we need some extra motivation, and how are we going to do that you ask?!  Join me for this week's vlog which I got to work in Vimeo!! Not sure if I'll be using Vimeo or Youtube but at least one of them liked me today!

A quick recap:

1.  Put your goals where you can see them EVERY day!

2.  Get an accountability partner – someone who is like minded!

3.  Don't give in to self doubt

I'm going to share with you a little excerpt from my post Routine Are A Lot of Work:

Self doubt is having negative thoughts about yourself, so why not flip it and have an alternative statement to encourage yourself?!  I like to tell myself: “look at how positive and in control of things I am, I’m empowering myself and others to exceed their goals and overcome challenges, I deserve this!

As always I would love to hear from you and am here to cheer you on!



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