Task Thursday – Get Rid Of Failure



It is Task Thursday again!!!  And we're going to get rid of failure and start living!!  We're going to celebrate in our accomplishments this week so what did you do to Take Some Time For You?!  Now for my vlog…I don't know why wordpress doesn't like that word I just realized it autocorrected it in my last task thurs….enjoy!!

To sum it up this week your task is:

  1. Get rid of failure and start living by celebrating in your accomplishments
  2. Create Your Bucket List – 101 Things In 1001 Days – SPECIFIC, REALISTIC, CHALLENGING
  3. Own your own life and take Sept “restart” head on!!

Remember you are only cheating yourself!

Let me know if you guys would be interested in linking up your 101 Things posts or doing a 101 things post…I'd love to hear from you and watch as you complete the tasks!!

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  1. Oh I love this. The vlog, the bucket list, the time for us.

    Thanks so much for linking up with localsugarhawaii.com. It is so sweet to have ya with us– thanks for that.

    • I’m ok with public speaking not a fear or anything I was all worried about how I looked though then thought what’s my audience Mom’s and busy Mom’s at that so why not be real, afterall that’s what this is all about! I’ll get a link up going on Sunday (I hope) spread the word!

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