Taking Your Baby on Holiday


Whether you’re taking your annual vacation or taking your new baby to meet family abroad, your first holiday with a baby can be tricky. However, help is at hand. Read on for some tips, ideas and must-do’s.

Pack well

It can be tempting to take everything and the kitchen sink with you when packing. But if you pack carefully and thoughtfully, you won’t need multiple suitcases! Think about your basic baby supplies. Pack them, along with spares. This goes for things like nappies, cream, clothes and bottle. Cover all bases with extras in case anything breaks or gets damaged.  Don’t forget plug adapters, and take ample medication. It can be both challenging and expensive to buy these items abroad, especially if you aren’t fluent in the language.

Stress-free flights

Airlines will let babies travel as long as they are at least two days old. Some will even let them travel younger! They just have to have a passport, visa, and travel insurance. You will be able to cover them on your own policy. A baby sling or carrier that sits on your front are good options when it comes to carrying them. If you have a pushchair that folds up, you may be able to carry this as hand luggage. This means you’ll be able to use it right up until you board the plane, and again once you land. Be sure also to pack all the necessities you’d need on a normal day, like milk and toys.

Properly equipped accommodation

Always book a cot at your accommodation before you travel. You don’t want to turn up and find there are none currently available. Even if there are cots available, you won’t want to wait around for one to be brought your room if you have a tired or grumpy baby. Although the accommodation will likely provide baby bedding, it is a good idea to take your own. You baby will be in an unfamiliar environment. The smell and feel of home may help calm them and give them a better sleep.

Sun protection for the whole family

If there is any chance of even the mildest sunshine where you’re headed, you should pack ample, good quality sun protection. One clever option is to take a version that is suitable for both baby and adult skin. Zinc oxide sunscreen is a sensible and safe option; go with one that contains both UVA and UVB protection. Do bear in mind that children 6 months or under should be kept out of direct sunlight, especially at noon.

Beach and pool safety

If your baby is a few months old, you might well want to give them their first experience of paddling in a pool or splashing in the waves. Head to a hotel or complex that has a baby pool. This reduces the chances of them getting splashed by bigger kids or adults. Put them in a baby swim seat. Alternatively, carry them into the sea while they’re wrapped in a baby sling. Stay where the water is just lapping at your feet and let them hear the waves and smell the sea air.

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