Taking Back Control: 3 Activities to Improve Your Health and Wellness


There’s a lot of conflicting evidence out there about how best to improve our overall health and wellness. What everyone can agree on is fitness is a great way to improve both mind and body. In the world of exercise there are different classes and workouts, and obviously different lengths of times you can do them for. It can be challenging to know what's right for you in, the often confusing, world of health and fitness. Take control of your health and get to grips with these three health and wellness based activities. Get inspired!

Circuit Training

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Circuit training is very similar to HII. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, it requires the participant to workout, in short, high intensity, bursts. Then you rest and repeat. It has been criticized for causing injuries due to it’s fast and furious approach to exercising. For those looking to focus on their overall health and wellness, or intimidated by this kind of workout, circuit training is a great alternative.

Usually carried out in a group, circuit training combines about 10 different exercises completed in order. This group activity is a great way to socialize whilst working out, which is amazing for our mental health. Obviously, the number of reps you do of each exercise is down to you.Try increasing the number as you get more confident. Take a rest between each exercise before moving on to the next.

Wellness Coaches

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Wellness is a relatively new trend and is all to do with health, disease, and rehabilitation. Coaches often focus on what goes on outside of the gym, or your workouts, in order to see how you could improve generally. They’ll help you to set a variety of goals. For some, this could be to start running again after an injury. A wellness coach may work on the mental issues and doubts that are holding you back before giving you strengthening exercises to physically become ready. For others, it could be cutting down, or quitting smoking. Whether it’s suggesting aids like the vapes found at www.lizardjuice.com, or getting you to throw yourself into fitness as a stress reliever, wellness coaches cover all aspects of health, fitness, and wellness.

Programs for Older Adults

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If you’re above a certain age, it can feel like wellness  isn’t aimed at you. There is a growing trend that disputes this common misconception. Fitness programs are now providing age appropriate classes for older people to get involved in, which improve health all-round. This often overlooked age group is being targeted to take part in strength training, teams sport, and even circuit training.

Functional fitness is at the heart of these types of programs. Types of exercise that improve balance, coordination, endurance, and power, are all great for older people to get involved in. In addition, there are types of yoga and pilates that relieve aches and pains effectively. Functional fitness directly impacts everyday life and can help us with our daily routines and taking control of our lives. .


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