Surviving the Back to School Madness with iÖGO nanö


With two kids to get out the door in the morning back to school can get a little crazy!  I’ve found that keeping mornings consistent with routines helps stop the madness. We’ve found that when we tackle the morning as a family and help each other out, everyone has a better day!


I always start the day at least half an hour before the kids get up so I can get dressed, pack lunches and enjoy a few minute of silence.  Here’s a peek into how our morning routine goes.


Wake Up


Dustin usually wakes up on his own and quickly gets dressed but Cheyenne needs a little more help.  When 7 am rolls around I gently wake her up so she has an hour before her bus leaves, if I’m lucky she won’t fall back asleep.

Surviving the Back to School Madness with iÖGO nanö



Cheyenne is not a morning person so Dustin usually helps her out by grabbing a iÖGO nanö from the fridge and bringing it to her in bed.  The kids enjoy the apple-strawberry flavour and I love the convenience because they can always enjoy them in the car when we’re running behind schedule.




The kids love how fun they are to eat, while I like that they’re made with natural ingredients, the y’re convenient and no messes to deal with.  Simple and fun- that’s what breakfast and afterschool snacks should be!  The iÖGO nanö varieties are available in pouch, tube, cup or spill-proof drink; visit your local supermarket to find what products they carry. iÖGO nanö has a new line of veggie/fruit combinations with flavours such as peach and carrot blueberry and beet.



Brush Teeth


This is one area that takes the most reminding when we get back to routine.  I find that having a calendar in the bathroom where they can check off the day after they brushed their teeth really helps.


Get Dressed and Do Hair


For Dustin, this is the easy part. I don’t think he ever brushes his hair but he’ll put on anything whether it matches or not.  When it comes to Cheyenne, things get a little more complicated since she’s my little fashionista. We found that picking out her clothes at night cuts down on a lot of the chaos in the morning.  Her clothes are always laid out and ready to go so all she has to do is put them on and worry about her hair, whether she’s brushing it or putting it up.

Backpacks and Lunches Ready to Go

Back to school with iÖGO nanö

I always have backpacks ready with lunches and a full re-useable water bottle waiting by the door so they can put their shoes on and grab them as we walk out and head to school.

By stocking up on simple snacks like iÖGO nanö, staying calm and sticking to routine the madness of back to school will be easy to survive!


What’s your best back to school tip?


Stay tuned for the upcoming #ReadySetNanö Contest beginning on September 6th for a chance to win 1 of 2 Back-to-School Prize Packs ($250 VISA + iÖGO vouchers). Entrants will be asked to tweet a photo of their first day of school to be eligible to win. Keep an eye out for the hashtag for details!



Although this post has been generously sponsored by iÖGO, the opinions and language are my own.

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