Summer Vacation: Expect the Unexpected with Aflac


For most of us summer means being outdoors enjoying recreational activities and family vacations.  We're headed on a three-week family road trip this summer that will take us through eight states and 3000+ miles.  Planning ahead is always hard but planning for the unexpected is never easy.

Summer Vacation: Expect the Unexpected with Aflac

While summer fun is to be had by all it is important to expect the unexpected.  Accidents can hurt more than you think – even the most minor of accidents can lead to an inability to pay normal living expenses.  Add being on vacation to an already stressful situation and things seems to get worse.

Did you know that the average expense of an individual injury is $5,500? 

(According to the National Safety Council 2012)

Talk about unexpected expenses.  How do you make a plan for your family to get injured? You don't!  That might explain why only 1 out of 8 Americans seek medical attention for injuries (National Safety Council 2012).  Be one of the eight who seek attention, not only will your family be healthier for it you'll have piece of mind too.

Accidents happen. When unexpected injuries happen, make sure you’re prepared with supplemental insurance like Aflac’s accident policy to help cover out-of-pocket expenses.

The last thing any of us want is to be stranded on our vacation miles away from home with a loved one needing medical attention.  Before you leave on vacation be sure you have a supplemental insurance policy that covers the unexpected and has fast processing of insurance claims.

Aflac SmartClaim

Aflac has gone above and beyond with their new One Day Pay initiative – they can receive process, approve and disburse payment for eligible claims in one business day!  The cash benefits of most policies can help with living expenses like groceries, child care, lodging and even parking at the hospital.

I know when we are on the road we like to enjoy ourselves and take in the sites!  Our road trip through Wyoming last year was our most memorable yet.  Exploring new places and having a new adventure every day is what vacation is all about.

Family Vacation

The last thing any of us want while we're on vacation is to be stranded at a hospital unable to pay our bills and miss work because we have to extend our stay.  We might not want to plan for our families getting injured, especially while on vacation, but we can be proactive with supplemental insurance from Aflac.  The views might be nice, like our quick stop at Deadman's Bar just outside of Moose, WY but peace of mind is so much better!

Deadman's Bar


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