Summer Soiree: How To Push A Block Party Over The Top


Summer Soiree How To Push A Block Party Over The Top

Summer is all about spending time outdoors and one of the best ways to have some fun outside is by throwing a block party. A block party allows the kids to run free in the street while the adults kick back and enjoy one another's company. If your block has been throwing block parties for years and things are starting to feel a little stale, then consider these tips on how to take your block party to the next level.

Kick Up The Decorations

Since block parties are held outdoors, people don't usually make the effort to decorate the way they might for an indoor soiree. However, decorations give any event a more festive feel. Just because your party is outside doesn't mean that you can't decorate. Get some helium balloons and strategically tie them to mailboxes or trees throughout the block. Toss some confetti and streamers on the various refreshments tables as well to give everything a little more pizzazz.

Plan The Cuisine

A lot of block parties are potlucks, which means that everyone brings a dish to share. However, this can sometimes result in too much of one type of dish and not enough of another. To prevent this from happening at your block party bash, tell each person what type of dish they should bring on the invitations. For example, pick five houses to bring deserts, five houses to bring things to grill and the rest to bring side dishes. This will help to ensure that you have a nice spread.

Get The Tunes Going

Every party needs great music and a block party is no exception. Ask around to see who has a pair of speakers approved for outdoor use and set up a sound system outside. When creating your block party playlist, choose songs from a wide array of eras so that there's something for everyone. Be sure to avoid any songs that contain profanities since there will most likely be kids running around.

Plan Activities

A lot of block parties don't have pre-planned activities. This can end up being a bad thing, as the kids can quickly become restless without structure. To avoid this, plan some fun activities for everyone to enjoy. For example, you could organize a water balloon fight or you could rent a karaoke machine and hold an impromptu talent contest. Let your imagination run wild and have fun choosing the activities that you think will best appeal to your neighbors.

Cinema Under The Stars

Thanks to projector technology becoming more accessible, showing a movie has become a popular block party activity. All you need is a large outdoor screen and a projector to turn your block into an outdoor cinema. This is a great activity for after the sun has set and the kids have spent all day playing in the sunshine. Choose a family-friendly film that both parents and kids will enjoy.

Widen Your Scope

If your block party is starting to feel like a gathering of the same old crowd, consider opening your guest list to neighboring blocks as well. Remember, a larger crowd will require some extra drinks and seats, but this can be a great way to meet some of your neighbors from other blocks and mingle with some new and interesting people who you don't necessarily see every day.

If you follow these tips, you can plan a summer block party that your neighbors will be talking about all year. If you go the extra mile, you'll find that your summer soiree is a cut above the rest.

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