Summer Kitchen Renovation Ideas


Summer is here and when you’re not enjoying the beautiful outdoors you will probably be cooking something delicious in your kitchen! If you’re like me and are looking for some ways to bring your old kitchen décor back to life then you will love these creative renovation ideas.

#1 – Liven up your countertop with glass and LED lights

Kitchen countertops don’t have to be static boring places with boring surfaces.  One creative company called CBD Glass is creating some innovative and gorgeous glass countertops using industry leading technology to make them stand out from the crowd.  Here’s some examples of their work:


These countertops are durable, hygienic, and downright beautiful.  They can be done by either adding a “raised” surface to include with your existing countertop, or by completely replacing your current countertop.  They have a large variety of customization options including different thickness, colors, edge treatments, and my personal favorite LED lights.  They even have an option to have color changing LED lights depending on your mood!

#2 – Colorful Cabinets

Gone are the days where boring white cabinets were the mainstay on Pinterest and Instagram feeds across the world.  Colorful cabinets are in and I for one am excited to see this trend coming up in kitchens across the world.  Strong reds and blues are the headliners of this latest cabinet trend, here are a few beautiful examples:


Another trend in the cabinet world is solid wood without glass.  While glass remains popular in cabinets worldwide, as of late many interior designers are focusing more on solid wood cabinets that employ no visibility to what lies inside of them.

#3 – Ceiling Mounted Recessed Kitchen Vents (Hoodless Vents)

Those large clunky vents on top of your stove are becoming as archaic as wood burning stoves and hand washing laundry.  The latest trend is to install what is known as ceiling mounted recessed kitchen vents (or hoodless vents for short).  These trendy new vents are almost completely concealed within the roof of the kitchen and thus take up no valuable kitchen space or overhead space when you are cooking on your stove top.  Here’s a few examples:

Another great advantage of these hoodless vents is that there is almost no need to clean them as grease and other cooking projectiles can rarely make it as far as your ceiling.  They are also typically much more silent than traditional vent systems and can be customized to match your kitchen.

Whether you’re looking to completely renovate or kitchen or simply implement a few of these suggestions I’m sure you will love your kitchen updates for years to come.

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  1. My husband is going to make new kitchen cabinet doors. He made one and it looks beautiful. We just have to figure out the side of the kitchen cabinets.

  2. Thank you for sharing all of these amazing posts! I agree with your lighting fixtures it’s very important to have the right kind of light in your kitchen!

  3. Great! I am trying to design my modern kitchen. First time read your blog. I want read more. But today I learned a lot about the kitchen. Thank you for sharing good content with us.

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