Summer BBQ Prep Tips


Summertime means patio weather, barbecues and a revolving door at our house. Some days it seems like we never have enough food but having a houseful of happy people making memories is an experience I would never trade.

I’ve learned to expect the unexpected and keep food and supplies on hand during the summer months that can feed a big crowd! I have to admit the first thing I think about is easy clean up. Whether you are prepping food, wiping faces or cleaning counters having enough paper towel on hand for even the biggest spills is a must, that’s why I love Royale® Tiger Towel®.

Royale Tiger Towel

When it comes to food prep, keeping Royale® Tiger Towel® on hand is a must! With a little prep work I can make my apples and lettuce last longer and my steak perfect for grilling.

Line Crisper with Royale Tiger Towel

Just remember to clean out the fridge and line the crispers with fresh Royale® Tiger Towel® sheets before you head to the grocery store! Not only will this save you time but you can clean the fridge out at the same time.

After arriving home from the grocery store my brain goes into automatic prep mode:

  • Clean the apples (we go through a couple dozen a week)
  • Prep the lettuce (salads are a girl’s best friend)
  • Everything needs to find a home

I feel that an organized kitchen leads to a happy home! But that might just be my type-A personality showing through. My first step is to throw my fruits and veggies into a clean sink half-full of water and 1 cup of vinegar. I put away the meat, dairy and any items that require immediate attention. After that the food prep starts!

Romaine Lettuce

I grab the freshly cleaned lettuce and give it a good rinse, then take it to the cutting board. Prepping my lettuce beforehand allows me to make salads in minutes for any meal.

Quarter Romaine Lettuce

First – quarter lettuce lengthwise, leaving 1-2 inches left of the core.

Romaine into bitsize pieces

Second – cut into bite size pieces

Storing Romaine Lettuce

Third – place in a container lined with a single paper towel, I find this absorbs the excess moisture and allows the lettuce to keep crisp and fresh longer.

Grow Your Own Lettuce

Don’t throw out the core of the romaine, you can place it in a container with water and sprout your own lettuce on the windowsill!

Apple crisper

The apples – after soaking during the lettuce prep they need a thorough rinse. Once they’re rinsed place them in the clean, Royale® Tiger Towel® lined crisper and let them air dry! You’ll have clean, wax free apples that last for weeks!

Blotting Streak with Tiger Towel

When it comes to steak, the secret to a perfect crust on a grilled steak is blotting it before it goes on the Himalayan Salt Block in the barbecue.

BBQ Grill

Starting with a clean kitchen and ending with one is a luxury we all deserve! If you haven’t grabbed the kitchen cleaning printable, you can get your own copy at Make The Most of Your Spring Cleaning.

For more tips follow the #TigerClean hashtag!

What is your top barbecue prep tip?

Chatelaine Tasters Testers 2015

As a Chatelaine Taster & Tester, I was asked to participate in the Royale® Tiger Towel™ initiative. As always, all opinions are my own.

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