Style Tips for Pregnant Women


Pregnancy changes your body in the most amazing ways; from bust size to shoe size and from burgeoning belly to billowing ankles. So with all this and some seriously raging hormones going on, how do you create a new sense of style to accompany this exciting phase in your life?

Style Tips for Pregnant Women

Comfort is King

Style is not just about fashion, it’s about feeling comfortable, and good maternity wear is about ensuring that comfort. From maternity dresses to pants and t-shirts, maternity wear is designed to provide extra room for your growing body. Pregnancy attire is readily available, and if you’re looking for shops devoted to a baby bearing body, there’s websites such as Maternity Sale that feature the latest maternity trends.

Know your Style

If you look great in skinny jeans, have fantastic legs for skirts or really bust a move in a bikini, it’s unlikely that a baby bump is going to change your style. Dressing for pregnancy isn’t about totally reinventing yourself, it’s about taking your style and finding maternity items that work with you. By keeping your sense of style, you’re sure to feel comfortable and attractive, which is great at a time when your body may be doing mysterious new things.

Complementing is Key

With the help of belly bands, many items in your wardrobe can be utilised through most, if not all, of your pregnancy. However, you will need to pick up a few specific maternity items to make that wardrobe work. Select the current clothes that you think will see you through pregnancy and complement them with a couple of maternity pieces. For example, tailored work pants may see you through with the assistance of a belly belt and some gorgeous maternity blouses. A stretch skirt may also go the distance, with the aid of some lengthy new t-shirts.

Quality not Quantity

When you do pick out maternity wear items, go for quality clothes to keep you feeling sharp and funky. If you love your jeans then spring for a good maternity pair. If you want to feel really feminine, find a beautiful maternity dress, or if you want some comfort, seek out maternity leggings. These items can be complemented by clothes and accessories from your own wardrobe.

Embrace your New Body

Like your body at any stage, pregnancy will bring out features you like and others you don’t. So use your clothing to highlight the bits you’re enjoying and take the focus off the bits you aren’t. Long maternity dresses are great for hiding swollen ankles while allowing you to feel feminine. They can even be worn post baby with the help of a funky belt. A quality maternity blouse will take the emphasis off your increasing bustline if that’s making you feel self-conscious. And if you’re feeling truly gorgeous, as you should, then enjoy your new body with a more fitted stretch dress or t-shirt.


Above all, remember pregnancy is renowned as a beautiful thing. Even if you’re not feeling your best, most people will think you look genuinely amazing. So lose your self-consciousness and enjoy this amazing stage of life.

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