Students Secretly Smoke Marijuana in School with E-Cigs


The news is out about e-cigs. There are many benefits for smokers to switch over to an electronic cigarette or vaporizer but tobacco is not all they are being used for. Since it was easy enough to infuse nicotine into e-juice, so smokers can still get the nicotine they crave, it shouldn’t be too hard to infuse anything else into it, right?

  • Caffeine? Check.
  • Melatonin? Check.
  • THC? Double check.

E-cigs produce no cigarette smell and don’t leave behind the same residue that cigarettes do. That means that making a marijuana vaporizer or cannabis vaporizer could be used to mask the usually potent smell that marijuana leaves behind. That is exactly what the students at Lakewood High School in Lakewood, Colorado figured out.

Students Secretly Smoke Marijuana in School with E-Cigs

The fact that the smell can be masked is a pretty big step towards keeping you marijuana habit hidden. Another added benefit is that the smoke or vapor output can be changed too so you don’t exhale any smoke. Put those two facts together and put THC, hash oil, or marijuana oil into your vaporizer and you have the perfect device for smoking. Students are using vapor pens while they are in class and it has become a problem for Lakewood High School.

Principal Ron Castagna has good things to say about his student body but isn’t pleased to know that students are using vapor pens in his school.

“Teachers are aware of what to look for.” Says Principal Castagna. “The nervous habit of biting your pen has a new meaning.”

Jordan Williams, a student who was expelled for using marijuana at school, when asked whether students would do anything to hide marijuana at school said, “Yeah. A lot of kids use cologne or vaporizer pens and stuff to cover the smell on their breath.”

Williams is clean now and is being allowed to return to school.

The staff at Lakewood High knows what gestures to look for to see if anyone is smoking in class or in school with a vapor pen. With legal marijuana in Colorado it may be harder to find students getting high in school. They can also use marijuana edibles (chocolates, candies, etc) and inhalers to get high.

With e-cigs and vaporizers becoming common place amongst people it is going to be hard for anyone to discern whether someone is smoking marijuana, hash oil, or just plain ol’ e-juice. Vapor pens, e-cigs, mech mods, or any other type of vaporizing unit has the ability to be turned into a marijuana smoking device as easily as it is used for regular e-juice. It can not only mask the normal smell of weed but completely change it to something else. The possibilities are endless when it comes to vaporizers and e-cigs. High Schools will have to keep an eye out for people smoking marijuana in their schools.

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  2. I owe my life to vaporizers, I have been a smoker since a young age. My wife bought me a vaporizer last Christmas and I have not touched a cigarette since.

  3. Well, I can say I owe my life to vaporizers and e-cigarettes. Those students are smart, I’d give that to them. It’s still a spiteful behavior though, to do such things in school.

  4. Castagna’s comments are understandable. As teachers may be instructed to look for signs of pen attachment, William’s comments suggests they’ll likely find exactly what they’re seeking.

  5. Great post! Vapes are indeed helpful for those who want to quit smoking but yes, they have become a trendy style for kids as well. My uncle was able to quit smoking with the help of these vapes so I would never suggest removing these from the market. Adults like these responsible teachers should enforce strict rules and indeed learn to identify those children misusing the vape pens.

  6. It’s definitely difficult to detect this behavior when the signs can be so subtle, and even if one method is eradicated, there are still alternatives for getting high.

  7. Walter Dorsey on

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  8. Vape pens have earned some real popularity and vaping in workplaces or institutes is also becoming common. However, one must also vape responsibly and not offend non-vapers. Anyway, vaping is lot better alternative to smoking.

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