4 Tips to Stick to Your Diet Over the Holidays


One of the worst parts about the holidays is sticking to your diet! It's so hard to resist all of the yummy treats during the holiday season. You might even be thinking about how you're going to stick to your diet. Thankfully, there are 4 tips and tricks that will help you stick to your diet all while allowing to enjoy the holidays.

Do you toss your diet out the windows when the holidays approach?

4 Tips to Stick to Your Diet Over the Holidays

4 Tips to Stick to Your Diet Over the Holidays

1.  Drink Lots of Water: Drinking water is good for you and keeps you feeling full. When you are ready to give in to a holiday craving, reach for your water bottle.  And if you decide to have a few alcoholic beverages to get in the holiday mood drink a glass of water for each drink you consume (this might also help prevent a holiday hangover 😉 )

2.  Recreate Recipes: Pinterest is full of holiday treat ideas, which can make sticking to your diet very hard! Take sometime to look into ways you can make your favorite holiday treats a little more figure friendly.  Something I like to do is use yogurt or applesauce instead of oil, you'd be surprised at how delicious this is in muffins or cookies!

3.  Create a Vision Board: Why are you on a diet? Is it to lose weight, fit into old jeans or maybe health reasons? Whatever your reasons for going on a diet are, create a vision board around that. Fill your vision board up with pictures that represent what you are trying to accomplish.  I took a picture of my vision board on my phone and carry it with me wherever I go!

4.  Exercise: Yes, you might have a treat here and there and that is okay. However, you should not forgo your exercise routine during the holiday season.  Just break it down into simple tasks like maybe walking around the block caroling, shopping at the mall but go 30 minutes early to do some walking and talking, go sledding with the kids or even jumping jacks as you cook Christmas Dinner!  Make it a game so its fun!


How do you stick to your diet during the holidays?

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