Stay-At-Home Moms and Decorators: How to Get the Most Out of Your Interior Design


Stay-at-home moms spend a significant amount of time in the home and should feel comfortable in the space. For those who entertain, it can be important that the home is updated with the decor and furnishings that are used. If you want to get the most out of your interior design, there are a few important tips to follow.

Use Wallpaper

When you're limited on space in a guest bathroom or hallway, it can be difficult to make a statement if you don't have the room to use a side table or a good amount of artwork on the walls. If you want to know how to use interior design for small spaces, applying wallpaper will prove to be effective due to the detail that it will add to the setting. Use oversized floral wallpaper to make the room look professionally designed. The wallpaper can also be used on an accent wall in a small office. Complete the look with a small shelf or a framed photo that is hung.

Use Metallic Details

Make your home to look chic and high-end with metallic details that are on display in the setting. Metallic accent pieces will add pops of unique color shades to the room, which will complement any color scheme. Consider adding a gold lamp next to your couch or incorporating a beautiful silver paperweight to the coffee table for extra appeal that is plenty luxe.

Pick the Paint Color Last

Many people make the mistake of choosing their paint color first when decorating. Although it may be fun to paint your favorite color shade on the walls, it can affect how the room looks depending on the types of furniture and decor that are on display. The light sources in homes can also vary and influence the appearance of the paint. The paint should complement your rugs, the color of your furniture, and the artwork that is used.

Avoid Themes

Themed rooms can look dated and will lack individuality. You may want your bathroom to have a duck theme or your living room to look like Cape Cod, but it can cause the interior setting to have a lack of flow and balance from one room to another. Stick to similar color schemes throughout the home and opt for neutral pieces that can continue to be used as your style changes and evolves over the years.

Organize Your Bookshelves

Bookshelves have a tendency to look cluttered and can be an eyesore in the room due to the lack of appeal of the furniture item. Instead of stacking all of your books vertically, change everything up to make it look aesthetically appealing. 60 percent of the books should be vertical, and 40 percent can be horizontal for proper balance and a touch of spontaneity. It's also important to add decorative touches that include small plants or a framed photo. Avoid using flowers, which can make the shelves look cluttered.

Mix Materials

More designers are mixing different types of materials to make the room look cozy and have plenty of detail. Consider using a mixture of burlap pillows on the couch and a fur throw blanket that hangs on the end of a chaise. You can also add a brass side table in the living room with a woven rug that will look eclectic.

Although you may not be an interior designer, you can still make your home look beautiful by following the right rules. With a bit of reorganization and placement of certain objects, you'll create a beautiful environment that you'll be proud to show off to your guests.

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