Stain Free Furniture That is a Must for Your Child’s Room


When it comes to the design of any room, stain free furniture is a close second priority, after a safe environment. Not only does this assist the aesthetics of the room, it makes the overall experience for you, the caregiver, and the child a whole lot more enjoyable. On top of which, you are creating a sanitary environment, which, in turn, helps the child’s overall growth and wellbeing. Enough said? Not quite. First, here are a few examples of essential stain-free furniture for your child’s room.

Resistant Carpet

Depending on how young your child is, carpet is preferable when wanting to avoid an accident. Of course, many parents decide against this when they think about the difficult time they will have trying to remove play dough stains. What they don’t know is that there are many carpet businesses that deal in producing soft but resilient types of carpet. You’ll notice that the choices offered at stores, such as Stainmaster, are very sensitive to the needs and safety of your children, and if you are not convinced simply by observing their range, their advice provided online will surely persuade you otherwise.

Sofa Fabrics

Sofa fabrics like wool or silk, while very appealing, are not necessarily the cheapest or most appropriate picks. You might try upholstering your sofa, in other words, covering your sofa with a durable and hopefully pleasant-looking fabric. Bear in mind that tolerance should come before looks, but fabrics like sensuede or leather are both highly resistant to stains and relatively appealing to the adult eye, if not the child’s. Microfiber would be a more child-friendly option, because not only is it tolerant but its surface is soft and welcoming. You should also consider how tolerant your sofa needs to be to pets—assuming that you have any—, who are more likely to create tears than stains.

Vinyl Covers

Vinyl is ridiculously easy to clean, and very stain-tolerant. It is often used as a seat or table cover—whether you’re using it as a children’s car seat or a table to read on—, wallpaper for when you are at risk of crayon scribbles, or even cabinet material. If you are not a fan of vinyl as a permanent cover, it can always be used as a slipcover for when you are not immediately around. Vinyl flooring is also ideal for a child’s room, because it is completely resistant to tears or stains of any kind, plus it is safer to walk on than tiles or floorboards.

While having stain-free furniture is a highly important part of establishing a child-friendly room, there are many things you can do to make the chance of a stain less likely. You can hide away any permanent markers, for example, or you can decide to move your child out of the room and into the kitchen when they need to eat. In other words, remaining stain-conscious is a crucial part of designing a room of any kind. Translate this knowledge to any room and you’ll find your entire life becoming stain free by the minute.

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