Spring Cleaning: How to do it Right


If the dust bunnies under your bed are the stuff of nightmares or the cobwebs in the corners are getting just a touch out of control, then surely it’s that time of year: spring time! And with spring comes spring cleaning, so roll up your sleeves and check out these tips on how to best get your clean on.

Spring Cleaning: How to do it Right

Protect Yourself

Write up a list of every possible piece of protection that you can think of. Dust masks, rubber gloves – you name it, you write it down – and don’t forget the disposable aprons either. Get yourself over to the nearest hardware store and buy every piece of covering that you can find because the less filth that’s going to get on you during the cleaning process, the better you’ll feel about actually getting down to doing the work.

Chemical Warfare

This actually sounds a lot worse than it is, especially with the huge range of DIY options that are now available when it comes to cleaning products. You should be able to pick these up while you’re at the hardware shop getting the protective equipment.

Bleaches, sprays, wipes and floor cleaners; all these products (and more) are there to make your life easier when it comes to cleaning. Spray, squirt and mop that dirt away. The option of going with disposable wipes removes the chore of having to clean your cleaning utensils once the job is done.  Don't want to tackle it on your own? You should consider a carpet cleaning service like this one.

Have a Cup of Tea

Procrastination is not necessarily a bad thing. With this almost Zen-like suggestion, you’ll be sitting down with your feet up BEFORE you even start. Make yourself a cup of your favourite brew and centre yourself. Assess what you want to achieve; perhaps you’ll tackle the job in stages? One room at a time or maybe one room per day? Or perhaps you’ll just do the whole house in one session like some cleaning frenzy whirlwind so that it’s over and done with? Whichever way you decide to do your cleaning, the main thing is to make a start. After that cup of tea/coffee…

Store, Donate or Throw Away

An important part of a spring clean is the sorting, storing, donating or dumping of belongings. Do this process right but putting yourself into the best mind frame. Sure, you may have attachments to some of your belongings, but you need to be ruthless about what needs to stay and what has no real value or purpose. For all those items that you can’t bear to throw away but are taking up valuable space, consider enlisting the services of a company such as Your Local Movers, which offers storage solutions.

Reward Yourself

More often than not, you can spend an entire day transforming your house from a dirt encrusted pit into a shining, sparkling home. As your partner may not notice, they probably won’t give you a big, fat present for all the hard work you’ve put in, so make a promise to treat yourself once the work is done. Cake, massages and a nice sit down are all valid rewards.

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