A Special Touch: 4 Collectibles Kids Will Love


Do you remember a special doll? What about the thrill of discovery when you uncovered a special stamp? What made your heart sing as a child? Every child has a special treasure that evokes memories of special times and places. Popular collections are doll collections, stamp collections and baseball card collections. For many parents and grandparents however there is the humble piggy bank collection. Piggy banks may not be first on many people’s lists of lovable collectibles, but anything that can be special to a child can be loved and cherished by them.


Doll Collecting For Fun and Profit


Yes, doll collecting can be an expensive hobby. Yet who among us would deny a child a doll to love? Dolls have been the source of comfort and companionship for generations. Dolls can teach children reading skills, interactive skills, history and nurturing skills. Dolls can promote culture and allow children to learn how to take care of others.

A Special Touch: 4 Collectibles Kids Will Love

Explore the World Through Stamps


The American Philatelic Society says that stamp collecting is a wonderful way to explore the world through stamps. Young kids can collect stamps from different countries and learn about where their ancestors were born. Countries often put out stamps that reflect their culture, their icons and their history. Exploring the symbols and the history can be a creative and memorable way to teach young children about the world. Young stamp collectors can also collect topical stamps that reflect topics of interest like sports, zoology, dinosaurs, or automobiles.


Collecting The Art of the Game


Boys have been collecting baseball cards since 1868, when the first card was produced as advertising for sporting goods stores. The popularity of baseball cards surged in the 1950s but fell off with the advent of television and the Internet. However collecting baseball cards is a good way for kids to connect with their parents and grandparents. Baseball still is the nation's pastime, and for those who like other sports, there are plenty of options too. Sports cards can also help with math and reading skills, as they’re usually filled with statistics, histories, and biographies kids will want to learn about.


Piggy Bank Collecting


It really isn't hard to imagine when you think about it carefully why anyone would want to collect piggy banks. It really is a fun hobby to get into for kids of all ages. Piggy banks give physical evidence of savings as kids are encouraged to save their coins and watch them grow. There is a wide selection of piggy banks available, and they don’t even need to be shaped like pigs. Start with your child’s favorite animal, and see where the collection grows from there.


All four collections add value to your child's life in some significant ways. Dolls provide nurturing skills, stamps provide a worldwide education, baseball cards hone math and reading skills while piggy banks allow kids to have a respect for money.

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