Sleeping Like a Baby: How to Pick the Perfect Mattress for You and Your Family


It’s bound to happen. We sleep one-third of our lives, so it’s no surprise that a quality mattress makes a difference. A restful night’s sleep makes a person more alert, better equipped to solve problems, and allows for optimal athletic performance. Poor sleep makes us groggy, irritable, and clumsy. A great mattress is a key ingredient to getting sound sleep. Here’s how to sleep like a baby.

Sleeping Like a Baby: How to Pick the Perfect Mattress for You and Your Family

We’re All Different

We drive varied cars, wear different clothes, and choose unique names for our children. Sleeping is no different and is the reason mattresses vary to meet the demands of sleepers. For example, a mattress with an innerspring will be bouncier than others, accommodating for a person who likes a buoyant bed top. Extra firm mattresses are produced to suit those who dislike a ‘springy’ mattress. It’s important for the head of the household to understand their preference for a bed should not dictate what other family members sleep on.

Customization for Couples

You may sleep next to the love of your life but it doesn’t mean both parties share sleeping preferences. Couples with respective mattress opinions must come to a mutually pleasing solution. Couples can benefit from having air-filled vinyl or rubber chamber mattresses, this way 1 sleeper can add air or deflate the mattress for a custom fit. That way, there is no debate on the kind of mattress reserved for the bedroom; each sleeper engineers their own sleeping experience.

Alleviate Allergies

Some don’t understand what it’s like for others with allergies. If someone can’t breathe well they definitely won’t get much sleep. Worse, some exacerbate their condition by choosing mattress covers and sheets that incite allergic reactions. Natural latex mattresses are similar to memory foam models but have added buoyancy. Those with allergies appreciate the antimicrobial material that is resistant to dust mites and mold.

The Side Sleeper

Some are restless sleepers, tossing and turning throughout the night. Others sleep soundly on their back while some are side-sleepers. It’s important to choose a mattress befitting to your style of sleep. You may need to review the way you sleep with a sleeping diary, recording your habits and rituals to assess your style. For example, a side sleeper wants a mattress with a lot of pressure relief, which disperses support throughout the surface. A person who sleeps on their back will want (at least) a semi-firm mattress that supports the spine throughout the night.

Keep it Cold

Research suggests that keeping a bedroom at cooler temperatures supports a good night’s sleep. If temperature matters, then a mattress’ material does too. Mattresses topped with foam or latex traps body heat and makes a sleeper feel hot. A fiber-filled top innerspring mattress is beneficial for those who get hot since the added buoyancy keeps sleepers from sinking in too low. Regardless of chosen mattress, do things to lower the temperature in the bedroom such as leaving the shades drawn during the day and shutting the door if the room has an individual cooling unit.

Read the Warranty

It pays to get an extended warranty, depending on the fine print and your chosen manufacturer, model, and retailer. Be sure to read through the warranty and understand what is covered, such as a defective spring, and what is not, like a wine stain. A quality mattress should last at least eight to 10 years. Do preliminary research and choose online vendors wisely. Read what customers had to say at Mattress Guides.

The Utility Mattress

Perhaps you can’t define a consistent sleeping style or don’t have a preference regarding how soft or hard the mattress should be. In this case, inquire about a mattress that offers a bit of everything – one with buoyancy yet molds to the sleeper and won’t irritate potential allergies. You may have to pay more for a mattress with multiple features but you can’t put a price on feeling rested and healthy.

Try at the Store and Buy Online

Some products are tricky to purchase online. For example, you don’t want to commit to a pair of jeans unless you try them on first, right? Buying a mattress is similar and the reason some are reluctant to buy a mattress online. But there is nothing stopping you from visiting stores, trying mattresses and feeling them in person, and then enjoying the savings of online vendors who don’t have to pay overhead costs associated with store rent, employees, and utility bills.

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