Sky Viper Camera Drone Review


Finally, a remote controlled flying camera that doesn't take forever to charge!

For a gift that appeals to the whole family this new technology provides you a spy in the sky flying drone accompanied by an affordable price tag!  Let's launce the Sky Viper Camera Drone Quadcopter to see what you get.

Key Elements of the Sky Viper Camera Drone

  • 2.4 GHz operation
  • Flying drone with camera
  • 640 x 480 resolution video capture
  • Works from as high as 100 feet in the air
  • Capable of recording 30 minutes of video or 25,000 pictures

What Makes the Sky Viper Camera Drone a Smart Buy?

The Sky Viper Camera Drone combines video recording and snapshot taking ability with the fun of controlling a flying craft high in the air.

  • Want to see exactly what the kids are up to in the backyard? Fly the drone over and take a look.
  • Wonder what your house and neighborhood looks like from above? The Sky Viper Camera Drone is all you need.
  • Are you a realtor that wants to provide flyover video descriptions of your properties? Here is an extremely low-cost answer.


Kids will enjoy remotely controlling a flying vehicle that can also take snapshots and video. But there are plenty of scenarios where adults can enjoy snapping photos and capturing video from up to 100 feet in the air!

Video is recorded in 640 x 480 VGA resolution and up to 25,000 quality aerial photographs can be snapped before you have to download your pictures.  A media cable is included with your Sky Viper Camera Drone so you can download and share your video and snapshots.

A great purchase for RC lovers, and the video/snapshot capturing feature has a virtually limitless number of uses. Four rotors provide extreme control, and 4 AAA batteries are all it takes to power up the high flying, video capturing, remote control fun.

Surprise the family with their very own spy in the sky!

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  1. Hey, great share…..

    Sky Viper Camera Drone looks like an amazing drone for aerial photography. I am very fond of aerial photography. I really want to buy this drone. I am sure it is going to enhance the quality and and angles of my pictures.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Keep sharing more….