Six of The Best Places to Travel Alone


A travel adventure is always awaiting us, we just need to find it.  Maybe you are interested in traveling to a new destination with a friend, family or even solo.  There are many ways to experience a new adventure in different parts of the world and maybe you want the solitude of experiencing it alone.

Check out these fun destination that re welcoming for single travelers who want to check a travel experience off their bucket list.


Australia is a superb destination for those who are seeking a variety of adventures from sunny beaches and snorkeling to the excitement of big cities.  Australia has unlimited options for the solo traveler. An easy to way to experience the country and live comfortably is to rent a room or private apartment in a quiet neighborhood you want to explore.

Wooden sculpture of the Baladji in Tirupati


From sacred temples to waterfalls India is a country that is waiting to be explored. A great place to fully immerse yourself in true India culture is Tirupati as it is considered one of the holiest Hindu sites because of Tirumala Venkateswara Temple.  You can find some amazing hotels in Tirupati especially if you are looking for some spiritual solace on your solo travels.


Thailand is a welcoming place for the solo traveler not only because of the beautiful temples but they also offer amazing walking trails and sites to see. Bangkok is an amazing place to travel alone, yet you will find that you do not feel alone for long there because of the friendly nature of the locals.


Tanzania has many epic once in a lifetime experiences that await the solo traveler. From safaris to hiking Kilimanjaro you won’t be disappointed with a solo trip to Tanzania, especially if you plan ahead to make the most out of every day while you’re there.

Beautiful Norway Nature


Now, this is a country that has everything from sightseeing unforgettable locations like The Norwegian fjords, that will make you want to hike, and of course the Northern Lights.  Don’t forget your hiking boots and a camera if you’re planning a trip to this amazing Viking destination.


Ireland is a fun country for the individual who chooses to travel alone especially if they’re looking for adventure.  Take the time to soak in the breathtaking scenery that Ireland has to offer, it is highly recommended to do this on foot. Visiting a few local pubs while you are in the country is a must and try their unique food like Irish soda bread and traditional Irish stew.

Traveling alone is an experience where you will learn more about yourself and become comfortable with your own company as you gain confidence during your travels abroad. Whether you’re looking for a spiritual getaway or want an epic adventure we hope you consider trying at least one of these locations for your next solo adventure.

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