The Single Mom: The Best Ways to Move Your Family Internationally


The Single Mom The Best Ways to Move Your Family Internationally

As a single mother, one of the most exciting periods of life can come through a decision to move your family internationally. Whether you've wanted to provide your children with the experience of growing up in rural Tuscany or the cultural treasure-troves of London or Dublin, or simply wanted your children to experience the excitement of a growing and peaceful democracy like Costa Rica, the time has never been better to learn about falling in love with a new culture. Here are just a few ways that can best help you to understand what you'll need to do to get a new start abroad.

The Single Mom: The Best Ways to Move Your Family Internationally

1. Become Familiar with the Labor Laws of a New Country
In many countries, rules on working for new immigrants can be strict. In England, for example, prohibitions on working may be applied to those who do not have citizenship or are not students. Because many countries have difficulty providing full employment to their own citizens, work for new immigrants can be hard to come by. In countries like Sweden, however, a healthy economy and mission to attract new citizens provides ample work for those looking to transfer their skills to a new country.

2. Familiarize Yourself with Family Law on Moving Internationally
Depending on the terms of your custody agreement, there may be restrictions on moving internationally. You'll want to know ahead of time what sort of moving arrangements are allowed for you and your children, so consulting your local child care department or a family law attorney can help clarify what you'll need to do before moving.

3. Find a Moving Company That is Right for You
Depending on where you move as a single mother, finding a new living space can either be great fun or a huge grind. To make life easier, mothers should find a good moving company to prepare for the relocation of their family. Doing so will make the journey much less stressful, and will allow you to concentrate on the fun parts of the move. Having your possessions safely and professionally moved will make life easier and will keep your most prized items in pristine condition wherever you go (Source: Jia Jia Intl Moving Inc.).

4. Understand How to Find a Living Space
Creating a budget for a living space in your new home is also an essential part of a successful move. Countries like Germany and Austria may provide extremely inexpensive accommodations that rival even the cheapest cities in the US, while countries in Central America and South America such as Costa Rica and Peru can provide extraordinarily beautiful environments with extraordinarily inexpensive housing. Conversely, rent prices in countries like England or Italy can be through the roof. A good rule of thumb is to verify an apartment or house for rent before signing a contract or sending rent. Con artists have been known to post “too good to be true” rentals on Craigslist only to bilk immigrants out of a security deposit.

For these reasons, finding the perfect international living arrangements doesn't have to be difficult. The main rule in moving a family is to be well-prepared. Knowing ahead of time exactly what you'll need to do to move is the best way to achieve your dream of setting forth into a new land and a new life. Above all else, enjoy the process!

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