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The siding on your house isn't just for curb appeal, it is also a structural material that protects your property in many ways.  The siding contractors in Plymouth, Michigan can help you not only have a siding style that is clean, colorful and compliment your personal taste but also help you consider other factors including energy efficiency.

Signs of Siding Damage

If you are unsure if you need siding replacement or repair you can keep an eye out for these signs of siding damage:

  • Bent, cracked or damaged siding panels
  • Rusted nails on the ground near your siding
  • Caulking that is deteriorating, shifting, cracking or missing
  • Signs of discoloration, water damage, insect damage, or holes

If you notice any of these it is a great time to call a professional siding contractor to perform an inspection and provide advice on the next steps.

Why is Using a Siding Contractor so Important?

It is a good practice to not only research what type of siding you want but also who you want to install it for you.  Whether you are looking for siding installation, siding replacement, or vinyl siding inspections a professional siding contractor is a huge asset.  A few things to look for when searching for a siding contractor are:

  • No-cost siding inspections and estimates
  • Money-back guarantees and warranties on materials
  • Financing packages that work for you
  • They aren't limited to only installing siding they can also replace gutters at the same time
  • A variety of siding materials is offered including vinyl and James Hardie
  • Licensed, insured and certified to perform siding repairs, siding inspections, siding replacements, and new siding installation


How Can New Siding Improve Your Home?

There are many reasons why new siding can improve your home including protection and energy efficiency.  Properly sealed siding helps keep out leaks, mold, and insects while providing protection against water damage, hail, heat damage, snow and ice damage, and extreme heat or cold.  Superior siding and installation can reduce your heating and cooling bills.

It is important to ask questions and get advice from professional siding contractors like Michigan Siding Pro.  Not only can they provide you with a free inspection and estimate they are they to assist you through the entire process.


If you want to save money on your heating and cooling bills it is a smart choice to invest in siding replacement or installation.  You will be surprised at the difference in your bills and the curb appeal of your home.  Durable siding should last for many years and keep you feeling comfortable in your house no matter the season.

Contact Michigan Siding Pros to set up your inspection today.

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