Sensible Shopper: 4 Types of Products Truly Worth Buying Online


Sensible shoppers know that buying online brings all sorts of benefits: convenience, savings, and new discoveries to name a few. However, not all online products are made alike. Some products are just better to buy online than others. If you’re just now starting your online shopping adventure, think about starting with these four products. Buying them online, as you will see, just makes better sense.

1. Books and Textbooks

Websites like Amazon have made buying books and textbooks online a thing. If you’re a book lover, you know that there’s no better book selection in the world than on Amazon. It even has the largest concentration of indie authors in the world. However, Amazon isn’t the only place to find deals. Other sites like eCampus, TextbookRush, and Chegg are also excellent sites.

Verdict: Buy books online for the convenience of it and the savings, especially when it comes to buying or renting textbooks.

2. Vitamins and Other Supplements

Some vitamins and supplements like Threelac or Schizandra are harder to find in stores. That’s where online shopping definitely comes in handy, and fortunately, there are plenty of options for shopping. Amazon has a large online vitamin selection, as does GNC, the Vitamin Shoppe, and Nature Made. That doesn’t even cover MLM vitamin sites like Herbalife.

Although it’s ideal to try to find all your vitamins on one site, it may not be possible. That’s where you’ll get some extra shopping “juice” by joining a site like Joinesty. This site’s dashboard allows you to not only access all your favorite sites in one place, it even helps you find sales and deals. With such a large selection, it’s easy to see why buying supplements online is such a winner.

3. Tech Stuff

Nerd Wallet recommends that techies go straight to the web to find good deals on electronics. (For example, Amazon is known for having a large new and used tech selection.) However, buying online means that you can buy straight from manufacturers like Apple or HP. In the latter case, shopping online allows you to special order computers and other electronics, allowing you to get just the right machine for your needs.

4. Groceries and Household Items

For those used to making a weekly trek to the grocery store, it may seem a bit odd to shop online for groceries. And indeed, some groceries are still better to buy local. (Fresh produce from the farmers’ markets comes to mind here.) However, for items like toilet paper, paper towels, coffee, bulk items, and specialty foods, shopping online can’t be beat. Services like Amazon’s Subscribe and Save make these purchases even cheaper: Subscribers are rewarded for putting their regular purchases on automation.

Savvy and sensible shoppers buy items online for several reasons. Some want to save money on products they buy on the regular. Others like being able to special order their favorite electronics. Still others love having the option to rent products instead of buying them. If you’re among those who are trying to be more sensible about your shopping trips, it’s in your best interest to try online shopping. You just might find you’ll never shop the same way again.

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