In Search of A Mystery ~ Family Movie Night #StreamTeam


We love our family movie nights and have committed to doing one a week but with all this fall weather we've had a couple family movie days recently.  I'm not one to complain because life can't really get much better than cuddling on the couch in my pj's eating popcorn and indulging in some soda pop.  Luckily with Netflix we're never bored and don't even have to leave the house!

With Halloween around the corner the kids have been pumped about the upcoming events and we've been watching lots of scary shows including mysteries, Halloween specials and our new favorite series Once Upon A Time.  Seriously the whole family loves the show and we don't know why we haven't been watching it all along, luckily with Netflix you can easily power through a couple episodes at a time.

What else is on our family mystery movie day list?

Big Kids Family Movie Mystery Day

Big Kids

1. Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Incorporated 
2. House of Anubis
3. Black Hole High
4. Spy Kids: All The Time in the World

Little Kids Family Movie Mysteries

Little Kids

4. I Spy
I have to say that my favorite day of the week has been family movie night lately.  It is fun to see what the kids want to watch and what they think of it later.  We've had long discussions on decisions characters have made in the movie or show and what we would do in the same situation.  But all in all sometimes it is just nice to kick back and veg with the family.
Dustin has also started making us some Blue's Clues mysteries to solve.  We even have to have our own notepads and draw the pictures in it so we can solve it at the end.  Luckily he gives us enough clues along the way so we can usually figure it out.  Cheyenne on the other hand has come up with a new fashion-sense and we've had to hunt out some special pieces for her everyday wardrobe as well as her Halloween costume (which keeps changing everyday).  As for me I'm just happy to spend some downtime with the kidlets!
Do you have family movie night in your house?

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