Saving Money On Shoes, Toys & More, Without Coupons Or Sales


The Rundown

  1. Fall in love with overpriced shoe on sale @ Bloomingdales
  2. Can’t use any coupons to lower the price since it's on sale
  3. Found a Bloomingdale’s Gift Card for 11% off
    • Works on all items and even during Black Friday!
  4. Save 22$ off 😀

Ok. Rewind.

I was on Bloomingdales this weekend trying to find the perfect present (…for myself)

Saving Money On Shoes, Toys & More, Without Coupons Or Sales

And I swear literally every time I want something I can never find a discount for it. But after enough fussing trying to find a viable coupon, I found a site called Gift Cardio, that seems to basically sell people's unwanted Gift Cards at a Discount.

image01 Bloomingdale’s Page

After buying the gift card from the Seller with the biggest discount. You get the email with the Gift Card, or it's mailed to you if it’s a physical card.

Note: Mailing does take a few days for Physical Cards, so if you need it ASAP def look for a Digital Gift Card (I MADE THIS MISTAKE AT FIRST!)

No question I'm definitely going to combine Discount Gift Cards & Coupons from now on. Especially since Gift Cards work on Black Friday, and y'all know I have big plans for that!


Some of the other ones @ as of 11/4/16


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