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I'll be the first to admit it arriving at an airport a couple hours before the flight just so I can wait in the security line up has to be one of my biggest pet peeves. I love to travel and explore new places but waking up early just to wait really takes a lot out of you, especially when you're not in your own time zone.

The solution – CLEAR, the faster way to travel!


So what is CLEAR?

CLEAR is a membership-based service that allows travelers to get through airport security faster. Being a member means you can breeze right past the long lines and go straight to screening.

So where is CLEAR?

CLEAR is now open in 11 major airports:

  • San Francisco (SFO),
  • San Jose (SJC),
  • Las Vegas (LAS),
  • Denver (DEN),
  • Houston (IAH & HOU),
  • San Antonio (SAT),
  • Dallas (DFW),
  • Orlando (MCO),
  • Baltimore (BWI),
  • Westchester (HPN) and
  • Miami (MIA) coming soon

The exciting new for Major League Baseball fans is CLEAR is now expanding so you can get into the game faster starting at AT&T Park in San Francisco and Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas all it takes is the tap of a finger to get into the stadium!

So how much does CLEAR cost?

A CLEAR membership costs $179 annually, or about $15 a month. You can add a spouse to your account for $50 and kids under 18 are free if they are traveling with a CLEAR member. But wait it gets better, if you sign up using the code CLEAR2M5 you can get 2 months FREE!

So how do I become a CLEAR member?

CLEAR sign up

To enroll in CLEAR, you must present two pieces of identification:

  1. US Passport or US issued Permanent Resident/Alien Registration Card
  2. An approved secondary ID (State Issued ID, Drivers License, Military ID, or Foreign Passport)

All IDs must be valid, unamended, and unexpired. You must be at least 18 years old. After you enter your information online register in person to verify your identity, capture your fingerprints and iris image! An enrollment center can be found at any of the major airports where CLEAR is located. After your receive your CLEARCARD in the mail you're ready to skip the long lineups and save yourself waking up early just to wait in the security line. For less than $15/month you'll be making the smartest travel decision (other than your destination)!

Skip the security line on your next vacation by becoming a CLEAR Member, don't forget to use code CLEAR2M5 to get 2 months FREE!

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