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After I had kids I realized it is important to stock up on certain items because you never know what life is going to throw at you.  A few of the items I find you need to stockpile are snacks, easy meals like chicken nuggets and pasta, juice boxes and toilet paper!

I always keep an eye out for sales on the necessities because I know we'll go through them fast enough.  Keeping a stockpile of at least a months worth of favorite foods, drinks and toilet paper is always my goal.  At first I felt like I had no idea what I was doing and then I started buying double when things came on sale and now it is second nature to buy a few extra.  Not only does stockpiling help me keep my sanity but I am also saving a lot of money by shopping the sales.

How do I take the thinking out of the necessities?  For toilet paper I'm brand loyal and when I see a sale I always stock up!  Why am I brand loyal?

That's a simple question, Charmin makes using less feel good and I always know what to expect:

  • Charmin Ultra Strong clean better* and you can use 4x less*
  • Charmin Ultra Strong's new washcloth-like texture cleans better*
  • Charmin Ultra Soft is the softer* more absorbent* way to get clean

*vs. leading bargain brand

Start thinking ahead and take the guessing out of your decisions.  Buying more during sales will help you stretch your budget and might even save you a few trips to the store to “just pick a few things up”, we all know how those trips go.  If you find the Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Rolls they'll quickly become your go to toilet paper, they seriously last forever which means less roll changes and easier to stock up on.

The tips to remember are:

  • know the family favorites
  • know your prices, when you see a good sale you can stock up
  • buy double when you see a good price
  • rotate your food items and always keep extra toilet paper in the bathrooms
  • train your family to add their favorite items to the shopping list when you run low

With these tips your biggest battle will be getting the family to change the empty toilet paper roll!

Now for the best part, save big on Charmin and other P&G products by clicking on the image below.

Save Big with Charmin

I received compensation from Charmin for this post, but all the opinions are my own!

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