Safety First: How Safe Are Electric Scooters for Kids?


Scooters have become a favorite way for kids to get from point A to point B. Along with providing them with hours of fun, electric scooters also help to promote skills like spatial awareness, balance, and risk management. Unfortunately, like with any other wheeled toy, they can be dangerous if proper safety precautions aren’t taken. In fact, according to John Hopkins, riding toys are the leading cause of toy-related injuries. To keep your child from becoming a statistic, here are five electric scooter safety tips to help keep your child safe while riding an electric scooter.

Safety First: How Safe Are Electric Scooters for Kids?

Read the Manual

Before you purchase an electric scooter for your child, you should thoroughly read through the manual. The manual will help you understand the various safety features of each scooter that you are considering and help you make the best purchasing decision. Choose a scooter that meets all of your security requirements and one that you are comfortable with all the operating procedures.

Use the Right Safety Gear

Once you've purchased the safest scooter for your child, the next significant thing that you must do is ensure they have the right safety gear. Having your child wear a helmet while on an electric scooter is extremely important. It is also essential for them to wear the right gloves and elbow and knee pads that are designed specifically for electric scooters.

Always Ride it Alone

Electric scooters are specifically designed to carry a single rider. Since scooters are intended only to hold one person, the extra weight of an added rider could damage the scooter. Plus, it can be hazardous for both you and your passenger because even a crash at low speeds can significantly impair the scooter and result in serious injuries.

Follow the Traffic Rules

Every rider should take special care to learn all the traffic rules in their city to protect themselves and others from preventable accidents. Your child should follow the same traffic rules as every other motorized vehicle when riding in a public space. It is crucial that you make sure that your children are only riding the electric scooter in areas where it is allowed. You'll need to check your state and local laws to ensure you and your child are familiar with the rules.

Perform Proper Maintenance

If the scooter is having any kind of issue with its operation, it is essential to check the scooter and have it fixed adequately before getting back on. Continuing to ride the scooter without addressing the issue can result in it breaking down or crashing. Only ride the scooter when it is in excellent condition and always maintain the electric scooter properly.

While riding an electric scooter can be fun, it is imperative that you take the proper safety precautions and rules to avoid serious injury. Following these five tips can help keep your children safe on their electric scooters.


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