Safe Driving in Las Vegas


Driving in Las Vegas can be a bit overwhelming! The number of people getting from point A to B sometimes is astounding, especially during high volume traffic times. If you are behind the wheel of a motor vehicle in Las Vegas there are some things that you can do to help protect you from being a victim of a car crash.

One of the easiest things you can do is understand where accidents occur regularly. Naqvi Injury Law has put together a great resource on car accidents in Las Vegas that covers a lot of different topics, one of them being the most dangerous intersections in Las Vegas. Knowing which intersections you need to be extra attentive around will help keep you from having to deal with an accident while in Las Vegas.

Of course, intersection accidents do not just occur because there are too many cars in too little of space. Most accidents are caused by some type of distracted driving. We automatically think of distracted driving as someone being on their phone or paying too much attention to what is happening outside of the car around them. But, it is important to pay attention to other distractors that are near. How much time does one spend shuffling through songs? What about eating their lunch on the go? So many things can lead to being distracted while driving and distractions don’t pair well with busy, dangerous intersections.

The best thing you can do to protect yourself from an accident while you are enjoying your time in Las Vegas is to be aware of the dangers as well as being proactive when you may be near them. Learn where the majority of accidents occur as well what the main causes of the crashes are. You can look over the infographic from Naqvi Injury Law below. While looking, study the intersections to be aware of where they are located and what causes these intersections to be the most dangerous places to drive in Las Vegas.

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