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When it comes to roofing services in Trenton MI now is the time to have your roof assessed by a professional roofing contractor. After a long harsh winter now is the time you'll start noticing the wear and tear your roof took over the season.

Having a roofing inspection performed by a full-service licensed roofing contractor that specializes in commercial and residential roofs is a must. The professional roofers in Trenton, MI can provide a free interior and exterior inspection that will help you determine if a new roof is needed.

There are numerous reasons to trust the professionals when it comes to installing a new roof on your home. Not only are Downriver Roofers continually voted #1 in customer service because of their performance and quality materials but they also offer over 20 years of experience.

When You Need a New Roof In Trenton Michigan

During your free interior and exterior inspection the professional roofers in Trenton MI can easily identify:

  • loose and missing shingles,
  • poor ventilation
  • holes in the roof
  • leaks
  • damage caused by extreme weather including hail and snow

These are all signs a new roof is needed, and the majority of the time it is best to do it before the problems become worse. Downriver Roofers offer a variety of installation materials and styles with payment options to help you make an informed decision with ease. They use only GAF and CertainTeed industry approved materials and products that come with a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee along with a no-leak and lifetime warrantees.

If you're facing an insurance claim they have a team ready and able to help you file the proper paperwork and can provide the documentation and photos needed to expedite your reimbursement.

Hiring Professional Roofers in Trenton MI

When it comes to our homes we are always second guessing ourselves especially with an investment the size of our roof! Downriver Roofers are known as a roofing company that pays attention to all the little details, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind. A large portion of their business is directly from customer referrals.

If you aren't quick to make a decision and want to dig a little deeper a few things to consider would be:

  1. Manufacturer's Designation – Not many homeowners consider going to the website of the manufacturer but it is an excellent place to do research. Many roofing manufacturers have a list of designated contractors who are factory-certified to install their roofs. By choosing a contractor from the designated lists you'll have peace of mind you are partnering with a skilled roofer.
  2. Industry Knowledge – meeting with multiple contractors in your area is always a good idea. There are many reasons why this is great, not only will you receive multiple quotes to choose from but you can meet the contractor in person. When meeting with the contractor it gives you the perfect opportunity to ask questions to determine their knowledge, demeanour and it will give you a chance to see if you're comfortable working with them. Always ask what their plan is from start to finish, you don't want to be left with clean up or being fit in when they can get to you.
  3. Licensing and Insurance – proper credentials is a necessity when hiring a roofing contractor. Knowing they have the proper insurance and licensing lets you know they're qualified to do the job as well as protecting yourself if any accidents happen on your property. A legitimate roofing contractor can produce proof of licensing and insurance upon request without a fuss.
  4. Roofing Services Contract – getting a written estimate and contract will not only protect you but them as well. Having details written out about the estimates and projected job details will ensure the job is completed as agreed upon without the final price changing later on. Always have both parties sign the contract before any work begins on your home.

When you are in need of roofing services in Trenton MI trust the professionals who offer 24/7 year-round services and put their customers first. Having an inspection performed before you notice any major roofing issues is essential, contact your local Trenton MI roofing contractors today.

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