Roofing Contractors Southgate Michigan


If you're looking for a new roof installation or repair work done on your shingles now is the perfect time to book a professional.  But when it comes to choosing who to use there are many choices but you should always look for a reliable contractor who has the experience and excels in customer service. Let's take a look at roofing contractors in Southgate Michigan.

Roofing Contractors Southgate Michigan

Downriver Roofers can easily handle all your roofing needs and with over two decades of experience, they know how to put the customer first.  When it comes to experience, quality, and service they stand out and come highly recommended by their previous happy customers.


From your first contact to the finished product they go above and beyond to ensure your hard-earned money is put to good use.  With more than 22 years in the business, they know the ins and outs of the trade from tear offs to installing flashing.  They work with speed but never sacrifice quality.


They stand by their work, 100% of the time, guaranteed.  They know their customers put trust in them to deliver top-notch quality work and they deliver a high-quality final product.  Downriver Roofers are to providing their clients with only the very best workmanship, each day, every day.

They use durable, high-quality products that are #1 roofing product brands in North America. From GAF Advanced Protection shingles to Timberline Advanced Protection Shingles they never skimp on their supplies or cut corners on your job.  You hire them to install or repair your roof and expect an exceptional quality job and materials and they deliver!


From start to finish they want you to feel comfortable and know what the job entails for any job big or small.  They are willing and able to assist you through the whole experience and have customer service representatives who will be happy to answer your questions and are committed to providing a top-notch customer service experience.

They know that sometimes unexpected things happen and sudden roof damage may occur.  Whether it is a freak hailstorm, a blizzard, high winds or any number of other disasters they're here to help 24/7.  All their installs come with lifetime manufacturer warranties.

It is important to hire a trusted, local roofing contractor that puts their customers first.  As a family-owned business Downriver Roofers knows how important your home is and delivers top-notch installations and repairs in a timely manner.  They have certified and licenses experts that can handle residential and commercial projects with ease.  They take each job seriously and stay on top of the latest trends so they can put attention to detail to ensure they're the first ones called every time.

If you live in Southgate, MI or surrounding area contact Downriver Roofers for your free estimate.

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