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With the holiday season upon us it is always a bonus to have a light refreshing wine to take along for hosts or maybe to enjoy when you get home ;).  This week I'm bring you the Crisp White and Red Moscato from Turning Leaf.  Both wines can be enjoyed well chilled or served over ice!  Yes, over ice!  Or for those who don't like the wine flavor make it into a cooler with a little gingerale or mineral water!  Personally I like them straight up

The Red Moscato had a nice bold flavor punch followed by a mellow sweetness with a bit of fizzy. I think that's what gives it the refresh feel!  It was pleasant and not overbearing so easily welcomed to the palette.  You can taste peach and floral notes with a crisp yet bubbly finish!  I would love to pair this with a burger!

The Crisp White reminds me of a fresh apple off the tree a bit sweet and tangy but clean and delicious. It was definitely the favorite of the two and we were mixed red and white drinkers.  I liked this one best with a fresh slice of squeezed lime, it brought out the fruity flavors in the wine.  If you paired it with a light salad your meal would be complete!

I'm not going to lie we broke into both and had to have a little sample to see what we thought of each.  Either one of these wines are great for sipping with a lower alcohol content which makes them a perfect choice for the holiday festivities.

Visit Turning Leaf Vineyards for more information.

The screw off tops are a keeper for me!

I don't know how many times I have been out lately when people either don't carry bottle openers (maybe that's the redneck in me) or just open a corkscrew.  The twist tops were definitely a plus with me.

I can grab the Turning Leaf Refresh for about $8/bottle in Nevada so that's inexpensive for a delicious treat, especially if you're mixing it with gingerale.

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Real Momma says if you’re going to drink, drink responsibly!

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