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The first challenge set forth by the Blog Forward challenge was New Year, New Challenge.  I have to say that I was off to a great start meeting the goals I set for myself on making healthier choices, more family fun, adding more exercise and inspiring others.  I did lack in the inspiring part just a bit I didn't put my best foot forward on sharing tips with all my readers BUT I have a new plan and have set the ball in motion!!

For the second challenge is all about how I made better choices towards my resolution, so that means a little time for reflection!

Reflection Challenge with the Blogging Forward Challenge by Zone Perfect

Using my SMART Goal planning I set out to conquer my resolution of NO EXCUSES this year!  So far it has been a great challenge for me to step out of my comfort zone, try new things and be a better version of myself.  I find the best way to reach a goal or resolution is compete against yourself rather than anyone else, we can get better every day by making smart choices that are better for ourselves.  What I haven't been so great at is motivating others and working on my life coaching that is one thing I need to put more effort into if I am going to succeed in my year of NO EXCUSES!  Family fun has been the best part of the resolution because we have had many family trips this year and we are planning more, something we haven't done for a very long time.

So how can I improve?

As part of this reflection I am putting a new challenge out to myself to be registered for a life coaching program by the end of summer, August 31st!  It is easily attainable since I have a timeline it is just a matter of finding what works best in my life.

What tips can I share right now?

Making healthy choices can be easy by making a few changes in your eating habits you'll be well on your way to feeling and looking better too!  Since bbq season is here I thought a tip on condiment swaps was a great idea so take a peek at what you can use in place of sour cream and mayonnaise:

Condiment Swaps

Another fun one is beverage swaps, we consume so much sugar in every day beverages we don't even notice is.  You can switch out your favorite soda, sweet tea or latte and not even notice the difference plus save on calories and sugar!

Beverage Swaps

My last tip is have some ZonePerfect bars on hand!  Summer is busy and we're always on the go and the last thing we think about is a healthy snack or meal on the road.  You can become a ZonePerfect VIP & Save up to $10*!  Your first coupon will be emailed to you when you join the program.


  The fine print: *$10 in savings relates to savings spread across a one year period and may vary.  

Now for the fun part.  Keep charged while on the road thanks to ZonePerfect!

  With this giveaway you'll have be ready for the road and your phone will never run out of juice!  I keep this portable charger fully charged and in my purse so I'm ready to go whenever I have to.  It charges my phone in about 30 minutes to 100% from 20% on my iPhone!  I know crazy right!  All you have to do is have your phone cable and the charger, plug it in and let it charge up.  You can even use your phone while its charging.   Reflection Challenge with #zoneperfect

Winner will receive: One ZonePerfect Charger
Open to residents of US and Canada
 Giveaway will run from May 27 – June 2, 2014
(ALL winning entries will be verified)
Please ask any questions before entering by using the contact me page.


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I can't wait to see what challenge blogging forward and ZonePerfect give me next! 




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