Rebekah Grace The Practically Perfect Princess Book Review!


Thanks to BloggyMoms I had the pleasure of enjoying Rebekah Grace The Practically Perfect Princess with my kids and am pleased to bring you this review!

After contacting Jennifer who also happens to be a busy Momma, we had the choice of the digital edition or waiting for the actual book and since Cheyenne has her own iPad I opted for the digital edition which was so easy to load and view!  At the time of writing this post on Amazon the kindle version is only $2.99 how can you go wrong with that?!  The pictures are amazing in the book and it is so simple that Cheyenne was able to “flip” through and attempt read it herself.

The story flows so nicely with the main character being Rebekah – The Practically Perfect Princess! Her King Daddy who calls her his little princess, Queen Mommy who calls her the practically perfect princess, and brother and sister who call her pesky princess.  It is nice to see that their family dynamics are similar to ours! You learn that Rebekah loves being a princess dressed to impressed with her favourite colour pink, she's read all the Princess rules!  She finds it hard to be a Princess and follow all the rules, all the time, because there are a lot of rules and some of them aren't so fun like resting when you have so much to do.  And sometimes when things don't go the way she wants you need to have a little break from the other kids and find the best way to say sorry.  The practically perfect Princess way is to have a tea party and a parade!!  What kid wouldn't love that?! We can't wait to follow her to preschool and see what lessons she gets to learn there!

When Cheyenne and I read it before bed time and talked about what we liked in the book and the lessons learned her review was straight to the point:

Even when you are a Princess you still need to follow the rules, be kind to others, and respect your parents.  And the book tells us all the important princess rules that I already know and I can't believe there are other girls like me out there that love pink and are sometimes too busy to sleep.

As a Mom I enjoyed the book because the illustrations were amazing, the morals were right in line with what I like to teach my kids, and the story was short and simple!  If you have little kids at home this is a MUST read!  Recommended with 2 thumbs up by Princess Cheyenne and this Real Momma!

You can check out Rebekah Grace The Practically Perfect Princess at their website but why not check out their Facebook page!  I can't wait to do an interview with Jennifer to share with all of you how she manages to keep up with her kids, a household, a book launch, and find time for herself – oh and she's doing 3 moves this summer, can you say crazy busy?!

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    • Loved it! Can’t wait to see what her next adventures are :). Hopefully we can meet up for a reading this summer!!

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